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January 21, 2010


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Me too. The only problem is, Obama can't do it himself. It's like he's been left out there - hung out to dry. He got elected by hte people - people who want and wanted change - but the politicians and bureaucrats won't let that happen. period. Because the bankers and funders and movers and shakers like it - just the way it is.


Lceel - I wish there was something more that I could do. At least this gives me some hope that something can be done.


When The President get's his ass off the sidelines and proposes legislation not simply suggests it then I will have some hope for Democracy, until then I will fight them with the same weapons they fight me with. The president can write bills and any one of dozens of progressives in the Congress can sign on and sponsor it.

I do not have tons of money but I can also refuse to spend what I do have refusing them who would rule me the tools they would use against me. It is well past time for a consumer strike where people only purchase what they need and even then from as many locally owned and operated business' as possible.

Pull your money, if you can without penalty from the markets and force creditors to eat your debt through whatever means necessary. Refuse to pay unsecured debt if they have arbitrarily raised fees and rates, declare bankruptcy, walk out of an upside down mortgage if you can not pay it (banks do it all the time on unprofitable commercial property they purchased).

People feel a moral obligation to pay debt. That is bullshit propagated by them who scammed you into that debt as way to enslave you.

Want Democracy back? Take it back as an individual then you will see that a collective of individuals have become a democracy again.


TWMark - It's funny how similar you and I are. I don't think I could go as far as declaring bankruptcy or walking away from debt, I feel integrity bound there. But I hear what you're saying. We have eliminated all of our debt except for the house. You'd be surprised at how truly easy it is. We have taken everything we have out of the stock market. We get crap for it from every side. But at least we sleep at night.


Sure would be great if our country shared the vision of our leader and got on board.

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