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November 18, 2009


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Abimbola Akanwo

Since the stuff I write tends to be factual...I'm the last person to know anything about writing a novel...

However, I would probably decompose each character, their interactions with main and minor characters in the storyline...adding the dialogue etc...then merge it all together...


I get stuck on happily ever afters. All the stuff leading up to it is great, I can usually pound my way through, but finding the right place to end is really difficult for me. I usually find that I can't figure out an ending I like and make excuses to move on to the next project on the list!


Hi Claudia, this post seems scarily appropriate to me right now! At the risk of going ever-so-slightly (completely) off-topic, I am currently participating in NaNoWriMo and just posted on Monday about how I am completely blocked. I know where my characters need to be, and I know what is going to happen to them once I get them there - but I cannot actually seem to manage to get them there!

It is so nice to know that a 'real writer' has similar issues to the one I am experiencing right now! I would love to see what others have to say on this too. Meanwhile, off I go to try to get the next 20,000 words out by Sunday...!

On a Limb w/ Claudia

Abimbola - Where do you get stuck in your factual writing? I like your ideas for a novel!

Karin - Maybe you don't make 'happily ever afters'? Sometimes I think it's really hard to say goodbye to characters - it's almost like a death. Good for you for knowing where you get stuck.

BubbleBoo - I've had that problem. Sometimes, I just skip ahead, write what's available then go back. good luck with it!


OG...I approach the writing with a detachment that allows me to do what needs be done with a character or specific piece of poetry. While there is always emotional investment in the character, hell the story over all is the thing and if some fictional being has to go through, to get through then that is their fictional fate. The investment is after all is in telling the story.

On a Limb w/ Claudia

TWMark - I bet that kind of detachment is particularly helpful with all the intense, emotional poetry you write. Good for you for finding a way to make your beauty happen. I like the idea of detachment, and do finally get around to it, because of course, you're right - the story must be told.

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