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November 13, 2008


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How cool is that? Great TT!

On a Limb w/ Claudia

Nicholas - I thought it was cool too! :)


hopefully I can climb the highest mountain.
My Thursday Thirteen

Adelle Laudan

I absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing. I find music to be soothing. Happy T13!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I listen to "stressful and disturbing heavy metal," which I'm blogging about right now. That's how I gather my strength and courage when I'm discouraged, stressed, or frustrated.

Unless my kids are involved...

Lazy Daisy

I pray and mediate on scripture. Loved your post.


Coolest TT ever. I tend to get stubborn when challenged. Sometimes that's useful, others...well, let's just say I have a few battle scars :-P


Thanks, Claudia, I needed to read that :-)


I turn to the Tao.


Great message, and turning the pages was so much fun I was momentarily distracted from my life's stresses.

Kensana Darnell

This was really beautiful Claudia. Thanks for sharing.


That was so cool.

I do think I have "climbed the higest mountain"...I survived a deployment with two toddlers.

When I do start to feel stress. I usually start to shut down. I take care of those closest to me and forget about pretty much everthing else. If I start to focus on the single most important things around me, then everything else starts to fall into place little by little.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Way kewl...love it...thanks for sharing. When I'm stressed...arggh I all the things I shouldn't...overeat, drink, sleep, watch TV...just veg.
Happy TT.


That is a cool gadget and message. I'd be embarrassed to tell you what I do when I'm stressed.


When I feel challenged I work, relax with a good movie, play with my grandkids - always keep a positive outlook and share my love of life and sense of humor with others.

That was a nice little book btw!

My TT is up 13 Things to Consider before Hiring


That was awesome Claudia! When I feel challenged, I try to take a deep breath and a step back so I can re-evaluate what I am doing and make sure it is the right thing for me...


Anthony North

I've loved this writer ever since I first read The Alchemist.


Well, honestly, I sometimes throw a fit like a 5 year old. And then I breathe. :)


Very Cool. Lots of encouragements to ponder. Thanks.


Aww Claudia, that was so cool!!!

When I'm challenged, I usually try to take a step back and do something to take my mind off things...It gives me a chance to come back to the challenge with a fresh eye.


That was fun. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull climbs a mountain. I like the line about taking care of yourself or you want to much of a climber at all.

When I'm challenged I'm easy with myself, understanding the the steps are a process and that I am in the first steps. I try to stay calm and wait till guidance comes. When I get guidance I usually know the way I know when a poem speaks to me. It has a different voice and I have learned to respect it. With guidance behind me I usually stream ahead.


I too use music when I'm overly stressed to work through whatever needs to be done. Happy TT my friend!


That makes a lot of sense, and is at heart what I do when I'm challenged: take it one step at a time.


What an excellent idea, Claudia! You are awesome :D

When I reach a challenge, I usually procrastinate til it HAS to be met, and then I tackle it head-on.

Maybe not the best of management ideas, but it works for me usually!


Cool idea for the book posting :o)
I usually sit down and take a deep breath. Than I debate it with my hubby. And than I sleep on it. They say that every morning is wiser then previous night...

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