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November 20, 2008


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Very interesting!

Random fact abut me... I absolutely hate being photographed wearing my glasses.


Ha! You're on to me - short people are always up to something! I'm glad you like your ball, I love mine! Happy TT!



Am I the only one who can see she has failed in her assignment... these are not uninteresting facts!!!

Random fact about me - While I cannot stand mushrooms of any kind, I find the term "sauteed mushrooms" to be the most appetizing food words in the English language, my mouth waters at the mere mention of it... 42 years in to this little experiment called life and I cannot figure this out.


Boy, now I am not sure whether to feel glad you friended me or elated you have not unfriended me....

I am another one of those short people who is up to something and as soon as I know what that is promise to tell you. However, I speak to people of all shapes and sizes and I am not a therapist!

I am also a knitter, however I have only been knitting a few years, but likewise I love it - moist especially all things wool.

I am also such a fiber fanatic, I have taken to spinning my own yarn!! Zen meditation has nothing on spinning, I promise you.

Okay, is that enough enough randomosity for you?

Thanks for sharing!!


It's an oldie, but a goodie of an uninteresting fact. Here goes:

Uninterestingly, my given initials (no ... Rupe isn't one of my given names, you Brainiac!) are an abbreviation for "mountain".

How uninteresting .............. Ruprecht

On a limb with Claudia

Nicholas - I don't like having my picture made with glasses on either.

Perpstu - Hmmm which of these is your uninteresting fact??

Soren J - :*-( oh no... failure my name is Claudia. I don't like those mushrooms much either - talk about suspicious!

Kat - Oh I knew you were short when I friended you! I'm not afraid (at leas that I'd admit too!)

Ruprecht - Hmmm.... I think I knew that....


Random uninteresting fact - Sue loves seafood (I just had it for dinner)

I think your list was pretty interesting, but hey I like getting to know people :)

Friend me on Facebook if you want :)

Happy TT!

citizen janey

I'm still giggling at the "short people are up to something" comment. And you should be so random and uninteresting... please. xoxo

Eric S.

Humm, uninteresting eh. How bout I love to saute mushrooms after midnight, and horde them all to myself.

I read in the tub.

I was born left handed, but baby sitter converted me to right handed.


You're tall, but at six feet, I'm taller (smile). According to my hubby, tall chicks rule. Well, at least they do at our house (LOL).


Not taking meds of any kind must make family life a challenge from time to time!

An uninteresting fact about me:

I will not eat celery or raisins. Under any circumstances.

Adelle Laudan

You are not that tall. I'm 6'2" so there, shorty!

An uninteresting fact about me...

I could create a complete outfit, including making the pattern from scratch.

Happy T13!


My uninteresting fact: I used to eat sweet pickle and Wonder bread sandwiches.

I have to laugh at being a social network slut. Your #4 is probably the reason for #3, lol. I am short and, yes, I am always up to something!! Usually about 5'2".

Since I'm moving in ten days my TT is 13 Good and Bad Things About Moving


You love your magic eight ball....do tell! Im glad you dont need meds to cope. So many people do. Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by:)


I hear laughter is good for you! Now keep on laughing and have a great TT!

My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends


I am really the Mother of all fairies. Check it out. Dana is the mother of all fairies....not only that, I'm a fire fairy. hot, hot I is, I is.


Hi, cool list! I will also let anyone be my friend on social networks, but if you turn out to be a spammer, I will block or stop following you. My TT is here: http://lifes-adventures.net


hey hey hey.....I resemble some of those statements!

random: I went to school (university) on a scholarship....PIF for the four years I was there...I often wonder if it was a waste since I am now a SAHM.

uninteresting: I keep my nails short for a reason.....betcha can't guess why?


forgot to say, I would LOVE my magic 8 ball if I had one! I used to love that thing.

I asked my bubs about the tall thing (he is 6'5")....yeah....I think you are right!


I'm only 5'3" and i always envy tall people specially women, bec i always believed that " tower is power!!"

Alice Audrey

Well no wonder you're popular. Especially with the laughing thing.


I want an 8 ball for Christmas and maybe a Ball Chair and a Strobe light Ball. I sit on a tightly rolled up towel to tilt myself forward. How do you get a ball the right height?

I don't understand #7.

I'm only 5'1". I've spent a lot of time hemming pants and skirts. Maybe if I was taller I would have had more time to read the classics...or write some!?


PS I do have an Etch-a-sketch and a slinky.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures

I'm 5'4"...am I short? because sometimes people think I am up to something! :-)

My uninteresting fact: I am so inefficient with a touch pad on a laptop. I can't get anything done without a mouse!

Anthony North

Well, at 5 foot 4 inch tall, I guess I'd have to agree with you :-)

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