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November 17, 2008


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I hope that your back is better real soon, I am sorry to hear it's giving you trouble.


I love that quote - hilarious! And I hope your own healing is swift and merciful.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Weird. My back decided to show its disapproval with Thursday's activities, too. (Of course, it waited until I was at the Penguin game Saturday night to do this, the kind thing).

Nothing a half hour on an exercise bike couldn't cure, though. And a good reason to spend time with a good book yesterday...

Hope your relief comes as fast and as simply.


(((HUGS))) I hope your back feels better soon! There is little pain that is as unbearable as a back that won't cooperate!



I hope your back feels better soon, back pain is the worst!

Happy Monday!

On a Limb w/ Claudia

Topsurf - Happens every year - but usually not this bad. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Susan Helene Gottfried - I am sorry to hear that your back is doing poorly as well. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Perpstu - Yes, you tell my back that I have shit to do!! ;) Thank you for your kind wishes.

Tommie - Oh me too! It's such a nuisance! Thank you for your kind wishes.


OG...lay on the floor with your heels pulled towards your butt.

Or put your heels firmly against the corner of a wall and press backwards, pushing your spine along one edge. Roll your back a little...

We makes do with whats we gots.


Twain was a genius with the wry quip.

May Your back be all better! When it hurts, everything hurts!

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