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May 19, 2008


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What a lovely story! I guess the issue of being on the right path or not is where you have to believe in yourself, or if you're happy, or some cosmic sense of karma. Sounds like a Claudia Monday Morning Blog Post to me, and I look forward to it!


Good story...it makes me think of the times when things just fell into place to bring me to the next place-and the times when it seemed that everything was against it, like a big "do not enter" sign!!


I am walking the "forward" path. As long as I can put one foot in front of the other and go forward, I'll be just fine.



i don't know...

Dr. John

Because I follow the guide.


You'd know you were on the wrong path if you suddenly slipped and found yourself hanging off a cliff and had to spend some time hauling yourself back onto the right path. I hate it when I do that.


While I know our path is partially determined in the end location, the trip along the way is always fun!


I love that picture...so beautiful.

I keep walking. I think it is leading somewhere, but the scenery is nice so even if it isn't it has been a fun journey.

Open Grove Claudia

CEO - Gosh, I think any of these will work. Interesting thoughts.

Claudia - Yes, the do not enter sign. Sigh. I know that one very well!

Odat - Now that's brilliant. Your situation fits our story so very well. Kind of like the bridge in Indiana Jones - step by step.

Janet - Yea, I wonder too. It seems to me that you follow your heart - and that works, right?

Dr. John - And of course the hope is that you/we pick the correct guide. Well said.

Julia -Well said - and I hate that frickin' cliff!

Tommie - That's so very true. I think it's wonderful to enjoy the trip - and sometimes that's all you have.

Holly - What a wonderful way to be! I get very goal focused - so struggle a bit around the scenery part. Good for you for being so Zen.


OG for me personally I simply walk randomly knowing that eventually I will get to where I am going. I don't believe the path is as important as the destination. I life, all life there is only one path, everything else is a side road diverging and re-merging with that main trunk.



I seem to be a path jumper these days, but will find one............the right one soon I hope.

sorry i havent been by of late............lots on my plate, both the good and the bad..............but all life stuff, and all helping to clarify the path i need to be on to find homeplate.

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