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May 20, 2008


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"Uhhh hey lady vacuuming them leaves s pointless, they're just going to get dirty again."

The astute observational powers of TWM once again focus' on the obvious.

I can only see myself firing up a vacuum cleaner while the hose is disconnected OG; welcome to my world ha ha aha.


lone grey squirrel

How did you ever get interested in this strange hobby of bee vacuuming? Was it the sexy outfit?


Well...there's always a need for special talents, and catching a bee swarm would be "special." I'm a lttle freaked about by swarms of bees. I can't say that I'd remain calm in any way.

Good for you. I hope the swarm makes your place home.



When I saw the title, I was soooo excited. If I wasn't deathly afraid of bees (an adult onset affliction since two of my kids are allergic and I had to carry around epi pens all the time), I think you stories would get me into it. Maybe I will just keep studying yours for a bit first.

I think the outfit is totally sexy. Bet the cops would too.


Yay for more swarms!!

And I care how sexy you look in your bee outfit. Really.

And when they tell you they're calling the cops...laugh at them...tell them most cops couldn't handle a woman wielding bees.

Open Grove Claudia

TWM - Exactly. That's exactly what it's like.

Squirrelly - I am a SWARM CATCHER! hmmm that sounds funnier in my head.

Jen - I sense a bit of vested interest in these bees.... ;)

Vixen - My husband D is anaphilatic to bee stings. It doesn't stop him from doing some beekeeping, running bee tours, and collecting swarms. They really can't get you in the suit.

Sarah - ooohhhh! Good point! But I might get arrested for threatening an officer with a "lethal weapon"!


you missed a bee. LMAO!! omg i would DIE standing at a very safe distance saying that to you. i've never been stung and would prefer not to ever start. but i would love to mess w/the ocd in you (and me) that wants to catch that one. last. bee!!!

Chuck (a/k/a Rhonda)

So.....you're a bee catcher? Hmm. Good to know.

Good to see you again too after so long - sorry about that. got a lot of catching up to do again. Oh well. Such is life. Hope you're doing well.

~Take care *huggies*


How cool....I was just thinking of your new bees. Are you listed in the phone book: "bee catcher"

Open Grove Claudia

Rhonda - Nice to see you around! Hope all is well with you!

Tommie - Swarm catcher. Isn't that a better name?? Actually, we are on the Central Denver Swarm list. Now you're impressed.... ;)


They threatened to call the cops? What idiots! As the son of a beekeeper, I know from experience that if the cops respond at all, they probably won't come within ten feet of you.


You've been as busy as a bee lately catching those swarms....ahahaha. (sorry couldn't help myself).



how many swarms do you have total now? and how do you tell what species they are? italian? etc

Open Grove Claudia

ECD - I know. Isn't that hilarious?

Odat - yes, indeed! :)

She - We've collected three so far - but it's early in the season. We will collect swarms until July or August. I can tell what variety of bee they are by their strips. These bees had a distinctive yellow triangle near the end of their tail (which means Italian bees).


So, do the bee suits work against wasps? We have these HUGE, red, mother-effin' wasps where I live and they LOVE me... maybe if I wore a bee suit, they wouldn't recognize me and I could sit in my yard in peace? :D

No Nonsense girl

Better you than me. I'd be the crazy lady yelling "OMG, I'm dying here, someone call the cops, there's bees in my tree. OMG!!!"

I'm a whimp. You are awesome. :)


I have what I think are bees in one of my very large, but very flat juniper spreaders. If I dare touch even one of the most outer branches, they come flying out of there in all directions. Since I know we need bees to pollinate I don't want to call an exterminator if I can find a bee catcher. Do you know of one in the Colorado Springs area?

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