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May 31, 2008


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you rule, seriously. it's so sad when our fear-based society shows up at our door


The salesman was an idiot, with a canned sales pitch, who couldn't think for himself. The non-thinking don't mix well with the thinking part of the population. Please don't spend time with the non-thinking any more. Thankyouverymuch.

Dr. John

Fear sells. WE never though of an alarm system for the Church in Crystal Falls until the office was broken into and the computer stolen. we were afraid. We got a system
But to try to whip up fear, to create fear, is unforgivable.


Like furious said, you rule!! I've noticed this before, this whole fear based mindset and it's really sick.

Open Grove Claudia

Furiousball - Yes, very sad. I hope it doesn't spread.

CEO - I'll do my best to avoid the non-thinking from now on.

Dr. John - I certainly thought that's what he was doing - trying to get people frightened to sell his product. I'm glad you took care of yourself when you needed to.

Claudia - It's very strange. Very strange.


OG...I live in that area that used to be your neighborhood. Have done so all of my life. I never thought of an alarm system, but did steal a sign for one off of an abandoned property.

It is a part of my security plan, that sign (keeps the salesmen away as well), along with my neighbors belief that I am armed to the teeth (never owned a gun) and, only associating with the convicts on my block who have their nose in the breeze and ear on the ground has worked thus far. It is humorous when I go to a local C store and people back away a bit. I don't dissuade them. It is all a well thought out psychology. Much better than an alarm system that is easily defeated. The fear can work for one if you are the one causing it.





Hi Claudia,
We live in a quaint little area in unincorporated arap county off Mississippi, close to Havana, you may be familiar with the area.
We had a vacant acre lots on both sides of us till recently. When we bought our place back in 1998 there were open fields all around us, we were in HEAVEN. Now we have an AH ten feet from us, who thinks his shit don't stink, built a stinking McMansion, which is totally out of charater in this neighborhood. He has made my life in Denver hell, part of the blues I've been having, thanks for asking. Have appt this coming week with therapist.. Thought you still lived in Denver, hence my comment about coming to visit your bees. We have a good location for that sort of thing. Planted 100+ trees and are incubating pheasant eggs, they are due to hatch any day. Spell checking got stuck, going to post anyway hope I don't lose it.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Oh, man. I think I'd have asked why I was less safe now that the neighborhood's being gentrified than when you had all that happening on your front step. And when the guy couldn't answer, I'd have said, "Yeah. Thought so," and shut the door in his face.


I loathe solicitors, peddlers, and thumpers. I would like to install a special electric fence to jolt them right out of my yard.

And, The Terrorist, well, he engages in attack mode only until someone tells him how cute he is.

No Nonsense girl

I loathe scared tactics like the one he used. :S


hahaha I love you! What a great way to stand!

woot woot!!


Open Grove Claudia

TWM - Whatever works. Maybe it's a Berkeley thing - such a crazy city right at the college. I think we have to be personally safe - no police, fire, security system can help the personally unsafe.

Jameil - Yes indeed!

Janeywan - Yes, I know this very well. I'd love to have you over to see the bees. I'll shoot you and email.

Susan Helene Gottfried - You are clearly much better on the fly than I am. I was sick to my stomach with his stuff. I had to shut the door to keep from vomiting on him!

Cajun Vegan - oohh now that's an excellent idea.

No Nonsense Girl - Me too!

Kelly - Standing on my own doorstep is indeed a very good place to be.


That was a good one, Claudia. I would have the same attitude. Have a great Monday!

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