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May 25, 2008


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1. Referral ::Source
2. Indiana ::Dunes
3. Foil ::aluminum
4. Horizon ::Corporation
5. Event ::planning
6. Sailing ::over the Bounty Maine
7. Footage ::Square
8. Sunday ::Morning going down
9. Breathtaking ::Grand Canyon
10. Dude! ::Dudette!

In languages such as French, a woman doesn't say 'I love you' with the same exact words as a man. There are masculine and feminine genders for the same word. That makes the experience more individualistic, n'est pas?


1. Referral:: physician
2. Indiana:: Jones
3. Foil:: Tin
4. Horizon:: Sunrise
5. Event:: coordination
6. Sailing:: freedom
7. Footage:: space
8. Sunday:: lazy
9. Breathtaking: -ly beautiful
10. Dude!:: Seriously!


Referral :: doctor's
Indiana :: Jones!
Foil :: tin
Horizon :: looking at the...
Event :: gala
Sailing :: into the blue
Footage :: film
Sunday :: morning
Breathtaking :: beeeautiful
Dude! :: Duuuuude!! (like the turtle in Finding Nemo!! ehehe)

And you have cormorants in CO? That is rare...I'd love to see the film.


Referral :: waiting
Indiana :: Jones! Who else?!?
Foil :: antagonist
Horizon :: red sky in morning, sailors take warning
Event :: yes, I'll be there
Sailing :: tall ship
Footage :: dailies
Sunday :: posting Poetry Train
Breathtaking :: Carlos Acosta - just saw him dance yesterday. Holy of holies - there is a God!
Dude! :: "And then?" / "No 'and then.' " / "And then?"/ "No 'and then!' "

LOL! That was fun.

Open Grove Claudia

CEO - N'est pas, dude. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking! Have you been to Bryce? Thanks for playing!

Cap - Event coordination - that's a lot of work! Do you sail? Freedom - wow! Thanks for playing!

Claudia - Oooh Gala. I so dread those things. Someone brought 4 cormorants to our park as a fluke and they have generated this huge flock. I watch them every week - amazing, amazing bird and very sweet to each other. Thanks for playing!

Julia - Wow, red sky in the morning! That's awesome. I'll have to Google Carlos Acosta! Oh, goodness, your Dude is funny! Thanks for playing!


Referral :: detention
Indiana :: jones or pennsylvania
Foil :: (ed) again!?!?
Horizon :: sunset
Event :: pending!
Sailing :: hampton university
Footage :: film
Sunday :: morning
Breathtaking :: me (lol) it really was the first thing!
Dude! :: where's my car?

Dr. John

Referral- Another lung doctor
Horizon-Edge of black hole
Event-Life Shattering
Sailing-Ore Boats
Footage-Old Movies
Breathtaking-Walking ( figure that out)


Referral :: paperwork
Indiana :: Jones
Foil :: salmon
Horizon :: sunset
Event :: wedding
Sailing :: beach
Footage ::flip flops
Sunday :: best
Breathtaking :: view
Dude! : surfing

Open Grove Claudia

Jameil - I bet you are breathtaking! Especially is your stilettos! Sailing at Hampdon? Like smooth sailing or in a boat? Thanks for playing!

Dr. John - Dude Ranch? That sounds fun. Sorry about the lungs - I hope that goes well. When you can't breath? Everything is breathtaking. Thanks for playing!

Tommie - Arg, paperwork! Salmon foil sounds wonderful. I think your unconscious in enjoying your holiday! Thanks for playing!


Referral :: physician
Indiana :: Jones
Foil :: aluminum
Horizon ::healthcare (man they have good advertising)
Event :: planner
Sailing :: away...please!
Footage :: square
Sunday :: brunch
Breathtaking :: sunset
Dude! :: hmmmmm


1. Referral :: Damn the medical system
2. Indiana :: Corn
3. Foil :: Epee
4. Horizon :: Moving Towards
5. Event :: Electronica
6. Sailing :: See #4
7. Footage :: War in the living room
8. Sunday :: Where did it go?
9. Breathtaking :: the summit view
10. Dude! :: Bro


we had a sailing team! i did a package on them and went out on the boat with the coach. it was really cool.

Los Angelista

1. Referral ::HMO
2. Indiana ::The Klan
3. Foil ::aluminum
4. Horizon ::look for the green flash (on the)
5. Event ::planning
6. Sailing ::drowning
7. Footage ::YouTube
8. Sunday ::It's Meet the Press
9. Breathtaking ::ranunculus
10. Dude! ::Where's my car?

Clearly, pop culture rules my life.

Open Grove Claudia

Miss Holly - Sail away.. please? Did you check into those conferences at St. John? Hubby needs to go - needs to! ;)

TWMark - Where does Sunday go? Good question. Wow. War in the living room. I haven't thought of that since 1970.... Thanks for playing!

Jameil - You are so very smart - good for you for find a way to do what you love. You inspire!

Los Angelista - Green flash in San Diego? Is there one in LA too? Wow. The Klan in Indiana - I bet that's right on. I do love ranuculus! Thanks for playing!


Foil: ed again is the bestest!


Referral :: business
Indiana :: i'm jonesin'
Foil :: ed again
Horizon :: line
Event :: horizon
Sailing :: away
Footage :: reel
Sunday :: afternoon
Breathtaking :: view
Dude! :: don't even say "where's my car."


1. Referral :: medical
2. Indiana :: Jones
3. Foil :: tin
4. Horizon :: over
5. Event :: Enter the Haggis
6. Sailing :: Shoes
7. Footage :: media
8. Sunday :: Bloody Sunday
9. Breathtaking :: Robert Plant in his heyday
10. Dude! :: DOOD!!!


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