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May 27, 2008


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Mr. Fabulous

I have always wanted to work at the Berkeley Housing Office!


"Staff photographer"...sigh. Did you like it?


wow cali girl! i almost went to berkeley. those are some myriad and sundry jobs! stop diminishing your accomplishments! i'm glad you got to remarry your hubby the way you wanted. i'm learning from the experiences of others to do precisely what i want on that day. look at your healthy snacks! so inspiring! if you don't have pets in your kitchen, send me some of that bread! lol. don't you love when people request conditional gifts?? hahahaha.

heart in san francisco

I can't believe we like the same snacks, the first four, anyway. I love to cut up apples and smear the slices with peanut butter, which is also delicious on celery.

Number 4 says it all.

Open Grove Claudia

Mr. Fabulous - It was a great job - paid well, easy hours, plus the added bonus of finding the best housing.

Janet - It was interesting and very hard. You got $100/day and went out where ever they sent you. You had to come back with a usable photo. Period. No usable photo? You were in big trouble. I went all over the Bay area. I could tell you where to find a toilet anywhere in the city. ;) I'm glad I did it but it cured me of thinking of being a news photographer.

Jameil - Send me your address and I'll send you a loaf - it's amazing. I don't know about the pet thing - she doesn't eat the bread? It's good stuff.

Heart in SF - I used to love celery but it's on the pesticide list and organic is sooo expensive. I'm growing some this year. Peanut butter on the way! I wonder what all #4 says.... ;)


That's one hell of a job list there!

Missed ya, hope to be back to blogging regularly...


You make sourdough bread? I love sourdough bread!

Thanks for stopping by my place!


That was fun. I miss real SF sourdough more than anything in the world. Except maybe world peace. But I never really knew that, so I guess I can't technically miss what I never knew.

So, I played. Thanks for the tag.


Have you written about the wedding stories? I would love to hear more about that...

Your to do list seems more interesting than mine!


It appears that you have been very independent as a person for quite a while. Quite admirable!

Michael C

I always wanted to make sourdough too. I got as close as letting the 'starter' sit and do it's thing for two weeks. It didn't work...


I'm so glad you had time to play along. I learned a lot about you. Very interesting!


We diverged to different paths after the commonality of Berkely OG ('78-'79). Sproul plaza ! Whatta hot bed of radical thought. It must have been the enduring drought.

ha ha ha ha ha



What the heck is a "deep hive body" ?????

Great list ...thanks for sharing more of you with us. ;-)


Open Grove Claudia

Jill - I've been a busy girl - I also started very early.

Travis - Thanks for the tag. Sourdough is awesome stuff.

Vixen - It's pretty easy to make. I don't get the crust that they get in SF - but I also make Whole Wheat Sourdough.... so... :)

CEO - I'm not sure it's so admirable when it's forced. I do like my independence.

Michael C - I'll email you some info. I use the Oregon trail starter. Interesting stuff. I really love it.

Forgetful One - Thanks for the tag - sorry it took so long. Deadly blog back up and all.

TWM - Hey you were then when Dan Millman was there. He's a great guy. I loved loved loved going there. It was really an opening experience for me.

Odat - It does sound exotic! There are small, medium and deep hive bodies. We use small and medium deeps as "supers" for honey and the 2 foot high deeps for hive bodies. Clear as mud? Come visit - I'll explain! :)

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