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May 25, 2008


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That is hilarious! Do your neighbors know you keep bees?

I know (knew) most of my neighbors two or three houses on either side as well as across the street....but the ones right next door never said a word to us!


Have you considered buying out those two neighbors, tearing down their houses, planting corn, and selling it to, or building your own, ethanol plant? The govt. will pay you subsides for doing it! Don't get me started, I'll have you owning the whole neighborhood. Have a great weekend.


Wooh!! Congratulations on the new hives and the garden!! That's great news. And all I can say is that thanks to all your bee updates, I feel much safer around them than I used to! Thank you!

heart in san francisco

Mmmmm, raspberries.

Nice urban farm you have there, lady.


OG Boulder or Denver makes no difference, a fools comments always come back to bite 'em in the ass. You'll have salad while those two are chewing dandelions.



I'm so happy about the bees!!!
You're going to have a beautiful, bountiful garden while your neighbors eat their words!!!


I don't know why more people don't garden, considering all the downfalls of our modern food. Mine is growing well!

Open Grove Claudia

Tommie - My neighbor didn't want to say anything because she's greedy for our honey. She tries to keep it "within the family". ;) I think people have really different ideas about neighbors now. They work and want to be left alone - their loss!

CEO - I'd love to buy one neighbor. It's a rental and a lot of hassle. The others seem pretty nice. I'd probably grow medical marijuana - can't stand the stuff myself - but the subsidies and profits would pay for a fund manager. Interested? ;)

Claudia - I'm delighted you feel safer. With all of your outside photography, you'll run into them. Some day when you're here in Denver, we'll have to set you up to take some photos. They will amaze you!

Heart in SF - Yes indeed - if all goes well - can you imagine raspberry honey?? :)

TWM - I guess I don't really get what the issue is. But then I want a gray water system, solar panels.... You know? D. has a whole gray water plan for our house.

Odat - Me too - Oh you should see these queens too. They are so pretty - yellow and black - fat with food and eggs. Yes!

Colleen - That's what pushed me back into gardening. I was tired of working so hard to get money to buy food that would kill us. I was so excited when my potatoes came up - thinking of you in yours. I'd love to see a photo of your gardens.


your friend was probably just being nice. even if they were talking about you who cares?! jealous! hmph! i wouldn't do it but i think someone growing their own stuff is cool.


With all the poor bees disappearing I think it is wonderful you have your own hives. I wouldn't mind doing that one day myself. Great blog you have here too!


I've never encountered a gardner 'in the closet'. Here's to hoping you are discovered and they are jealous of your bountiful harvest!

Open Grove Claudia

Jameil - Hee hee... finally I'm cool! :) It's that posh thing - wouldn't want to actually get our fingernails dirty - I guess. Who knows?

Deana - Bees are awesome! Let me know when you're ready and I'll set you on the path.

Dave - It's just such a funny thing. I mean really - what's the problem growing your own food? Hurray for your efforts in this world.


even if it was you, let them talk. they're just showing their ignorance :-)

Those tomato stands...how many plants do you plant near them?

Valarie Lea

Ummm, Holly over at June Cleaver Nirvana sent me over your way, because I have a bee problem at my house.

If they decide to take residence on, or let me say in your front porch whats the best way to get them to go somewhere else. :o)

No Nonsense girl

You amaze me! :)

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