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April 24, 2008


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Oh, Claudia, your readers are definitely going to have fun with this one! I'll be back to check the answers... but I'm guessing what many will be.


The only one I can think of is Peter O'Toole :-)

Loved this post.

Nicole Austin

Man tool, huh. Sounds like the emails I get telling me I can increase the size of my manhood. LOL! Gotta love spam.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Oh, boy! Spam! It's been giving lots of bloggers ideas for posts. And they've all been so creative too. That all spam is good for.

Infinity Goods

I was looking for a post about BEES. And I found a post about bees and the birds too.

Chelle Y.

You are just too cool! :)

Open Grove Claudia

Susie J - I hope we have some fun!

Anthony North - Yes, indeed Peter O'toole! :)

Nicole Austin - I don't particularly like spam - either the meat or the email. So I'm not sure what you are talking about! ;)

Joy - Is it spam?? What?? Are you sure?? ;)

Infinity Good - There are bees in other places....

Chelle Y. - Ah shucks...


Hmmm. Can't help you there. I'm a man and I don't own half of those!


Well, I am very envious of some of your man tools (love that rack of weights!) I must wonder though, if you man tool is an... unmentionable? Eek!

Mine will be up soon! Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Not a clue, babe. Isn't your man tool your husband?


OMG!! Loved the TT. So funny. Keep them coming. Love your site. I would like to add you to my blog roll. Is that okay?

Homemaking Mama

LOL great T13! Not sure how to answer tho! Have a great day :)

Open Grove Claudia

Nicholas - Um... maybe that's 'cuz you HAVE a man tool? (whatever that is) ;)

Jilly - What couldn't be mentioned?

Susan Helen Gottfried - I don't think so. I don't think my buddy knows my husband.

Michelle - Oh, cool! I'll add you as well!

Homemaking Mama - mmmm.... Well come back if you think of anything!


I like susan's repsonse, but remote controls seem to be pretty good man tools.


Be VERY afraid when you get the email guaranteeing to enlarge your man tool for you! I'd hate to see any of those 13 objects gain another 3-4 inches minimum! Those would be some large crayons!

Happy TT, Claudia!

Adelle Laudan

Shakes head... Claudia, Claudia, what are we going to do with you. lol Go ask your hubby, I'm sure he'll have the answer *wink

Happy T13!


I want that tetris game!

man tool....no clue, but I want to know your google hits you get off that one!


You're a regular she man..lol. I hope you dont mind, I borrowed your TT sign. That is awesome:) Happy TT. Great list.


Thanks for the giggles. Happy TT.

Open Grove Claudia

Beth - Oooh maybe that's it!

Kaige - Great safety tip! I will be very careful.

Adelle Lauden - He came up with #11.

Tommie - Let's chat Google Tool bar - I'll send you the widget. I've received a TON of spam so far so....

Lori - Oh cool - go for it. I'm not attached to it. Shoot me an email if you want the photo.

Puss ReBoots - Glad you laughed.


Cleverly conceived and executed Claudia! I'll be chuckling for a while and methinks I'll have 'sweet dreams' about some of these ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Hmmm. I'm afraid to google that one. No telling what e-mail spam would attach to my query. You've made a funny set of comments on it anyway...love all the pictures.


Man tool, well then.. Maybe its a big thick wooden rolling pin.. you know the thing to fix the man that isn't working right.. :) one hit to the head and it works wonders LOL
Great T13

Open Grove Claudia

Story Teller - hmm... I wonder which ones? You like my shovel? It's kind of dirty and rusty....

Lilibeth - Yes, people are hilarious.

KC - ahahaha ... I'm certain you are right!

No Nonsense girl

Happy T13 Claudia!!! I got some of those tools in my pocket. :)

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