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April 17, 2008


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1. Usually because they're fed not so good food; my dogs eat Innova Evo and do not ever fart...they do burp, tho!
2. FUN!
3. No earthly idea
4. I think they support the inventor of them
5. Maybe they don't know about it ;-)
6. Art?
7. Because those "less than 12%" that do make it is what they aspire to?
8. Let's try it on him!
9. Cause they're so pretty!
10. I'm pretty sure you don't.
11. Inbreeding

13. So far, so good!

I'm doing a T13 this week, won't be up til later tho :-)


I know. I know...but I must admit I DO like the 'bug' sunglasses.

Hope you can drop by to view my T 13....I love visitors y'know. :o)


Being a Brit, I can answer #11 for you. We are :-)
No, seriously, many of them come from the rich variety of languages that existed in the country in the past. As well as Germanic, there's Celtic survivals, Latin, French and a whole host more. And they all had their own take on everything.
And today, we have lots of words for everything.


Cute list. I agree with Janet that it is the food that affects the dogs. Mine eats Innova food too, and she doesn't stink. I don't really know the answer to any of those other questions though. My main question of late is why do people lie? Great TT list.


Hehe great list! I wonder about #3 myself :) Happy TT and thanks for dropping by!


Some very good questions, Claudia. Oh to know the answers!

I don't know what The Secret is but clearly it isn't doing any good, whatever it is.

Those magnetic yellow ribbons don't do the troops any good, but I suppose they make people who display them feel like they are doing something. And they make the manufacturers richer (are they made in China?)

If waterboarding isn't torture i hope Pres Bush will push for a posthumous pardon for the Japanese soldiers who were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment after the war for waterboarding allied prisoners. Or maybe it's only ok if you use it on Ay-rabs.


I admire Banksy. I think graf writers do it to show they can.

I wish I knew why dogs do stinky farts. I think I'll consult the google gods later on this one.

Open Grove Claudia

Janet - Great answers! You missed 12 - what do you think?

Hootin' Annie - We'll start calling you Bug Annie! ;)

Anthony North - Yea... but... they don't have as many words for food or sex or love.... just crazy.

OrnerysWife - EW! Great question. I'll add you!

Sue - I was trying to be funny!

Nicholas - I was hoping you could tell me why there are so many British words for CRAZY! You're my EXPERT. sheez. Great answers though! :)

Sandy Carlson - Good luck with the Google. We expect a blog post report! ;)

The Gal Herself

Those are Jackie O glasses. I grew up thinking they're the epitome of glamor. I believe those glasses are the only thing that the likes of Paris Hilton shares with the late Jackie O.

Dogs are adorable and sweet and I love stroking soft doggie ears. However, few things in life are stinkier than doggie farts.

Adelle Laudan

What t a clever list. I'm afraid I don't have the answers.
Happy T13!


I'm one who thinks The Secret has much to say. Not all will agree or listen. Not all will be ALLOWED to listen.

Anyway, I hope the Universe is friendly - sooner or later "they" will show up. Then again, maybe WE are too scary.



Chelle Y.

My question is just, "Why?" ;)

Open Grove Claudia

The Gal Herself - Yes, Jackie O was wonderful, wasn't she? and of course, you are right. Dog's are wonderful even if stinky.

Adelle Lauden - That makes two of us.

Holly - So you're saying that the women who are raped and tortured in Darfur aren't allowed to hear the message? I wonder why YOU would be allowed and THEY would not.

Chelle Y. - Good question.


Lol! #9 and #10 - I almost fell off the couch at the randomness. I heart you girlie!!!

My question: Why does my boyfriend leave his beer bottle caps all over my apartment?


Stinky and silent - the worst. Our guy isn't too bad unless he's had doggie treats.

The Brits are nutters that's why - I can say this because I have British friends...lol. I love their slang and accent, funny to listen to.


I have some of those bug glasses....and I love them., they wrap around my eye, so I don't get side glare. I also have Nickelback's "I Wanna Be a Rockstar" as my ringtone though! LOL

my eternal question: Why do kids have to barf on every single piece of bedding, when the tiled bathroom is a mere three-four steps away???

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - Yes, random and unanswerable. As for the boyfriend? He's trainable.

Teamouse - Oh I see. They are CRAZY so they have so many words for it! ;)

Tommie - I just finished your blog - then realized duh - she's on the Nickelback Pandora station. duh. :) Great question!


Hmmmm, some interesting questions you have there. I didnt know that any farts smelled good...human or otherwise;) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to let us know the answers...lol


I'm so glad I don't have to have all the answers ;). Living in mystery is so much fun... or maybe not


Ah Claudia-san. I KNEW you would be my idol someday! Lol. Now, where's my boyfriend whistle... ;)


Mine's up!


I often wonder about alot of those too.
My biggest question today is, Why do I stay up so late blogging when I know I have to wake up early??
Great T13


Well, we know what David WANTS to do...

Open Grove Claudia

Lori - I doubt they have answers.

Judi - Yes, mystery is good - plus I don't really want to know what Beckum did with the cheerleader. DRAMA

Jilly - psfft. Whistles work with dogs. BEER words with boys.

KC - Now that is an unanswerable question!

Gdaybloke - Yep, that was my take as well. ;)


I don't know the purpose of "Guitar Hero". I only know that I want to play. I saw Snoop Dogg's kids playing it on his television show.

Homemaking Mama

Hehehe great TT! I'm another who loves those bug eye sunglasses, I just can not wear them tho, I look tragic :)

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