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April 29, 2008


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I break I heal I move. That about sums it up for me.

Peace OG



I am man, I love woman

my current fav, but for you......

The Queen Bee is here, hooray!!!! -----------


That's a beautiful 6 words. :)


smile is gone , but summer approaches

Open Grove Claudia

TWM - Hey, that's a great memoir ! Nicely done.

CEO - Mmm I'd edit to say, "love woman" but that's just me. Hurray for the new queen!

Pearl - Thanks for starting the chain!

FuriousBall - Very nice. I can hardly wait for summer!


Okay here goes:

1) This is the one I posted at http://burnettiquette.blogspot.com/
"I even scare myself sometimes."

2) Not short and sweet
3) Men are afraid of me
4) I will post this next one on my blog http://c-writing.blogspot.com on Wednesday.


Oh this is one of my favorite memes. I loved yours. I did this awhile back and it turned out to be a fun post so if you don't mind me pimping my blog, here it is:


I did a bunch, but ended with:

Waking daily to live my dream

Thanks for the tag.


you have done the tagging holy grail! you remembered me but absolved me from having to actually do it! this is my fave way to do it!! i love it!! :)

"determined to die happy one day."

is that morbid to have death in mine? i'm just really aware that death is a part of life and okay with that as long as it's far off and i'm happy when it comes.

Dr. John

Snow is gone,
tulips now grow.

I think therefore
I am alive.


my normal? whoa, that's out there......

i love your bio.

my own........maybe.........

misfit making miraculous messes while learning.


Oooo I really like that one Claudia. Knowing you, that just came to you. I'd have to really work and think and study myself to come up with something that cool. I'm a dork. *sigh*


That's excellent!!! and says a lot!!!! Good for you!


i answered, sort of, your question today on the 1st addition of ask she weds!!


That was beautiful...
Really,I mean it...
Truly Beautiful!

Open Grove Claudia

Miss Holly - We did stories here before, but not memoirs. Feel free to pimp away! I do like "waking daily to live my dream".

Jameil - Oh gosh I hope so! What a great memoir!

Dr. John - I like both of those! Very nice!

Awareness - Very well done! I like it!

Jill - I'm a lot older than you - I think that's more likely the reason!

Odat - It is a memoir after all!

She - I'll be right over!

Pendullum - I love your 6 words - well done!


Well, I could use the one I did while back: Work in Progress, Moving Right Along, but I'll do a new one..
Deep down, loving this rollercoaster ride.


That's right, I cheated, had no one like your husband around to keep me in line. Mine was more of a poem, six word memoirs in sixteen parts.

Your's is great. Now I'll have to come back later and read the ones of the people you tagged.

Los Angelista

Six words? If I include Depeche Mode I only have four left. But how can I possibly leave them out?


Wherever you go, there you are.
(Thank you, Thomas a Kempis, as translated by William Creasy)

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