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April 18, 2008


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thank you for the love amiga. i'm praying for your bees, i love my honeybear of goodness, whenever a friend has tea with me, i proudly brandish it and offer it as a substitute for sweetner


I like that Saturday Story idea a lot!


friday fiction. naked neighbor would so gross me out. BUY SOME BLINDS!!!!


That song was my MOST favorite "crank it up and sing as loud as I can when no one is in the car" song last year. I forgot about it. Just dug out the CD for the way home tonight. I had never seen the video, that is so great.

Eww, nekkid neighbors...

Still sending some positive vibes to the hives!

Happy, happy Friday.

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - Let's hope there's a 2008 honeybear in your future.

Ivanhoe - Me too. Wanna join?

Jameil 1922 - Yes, blinds. Trouble is that I can see him in the back yard. sigh.

Vixen - Good thoughts for bees, yucked for nekkidness, enjoy the CD on the way home!


Bleh! Naked neighbor needs to get a life. Sicko. Maybe you should construct a 20 foot concrete fence? Let me know how that works out for ya, lol.

I like your Friday Fictions, but I know how good it feels to make a change. Well, I guess my comment didn't really help you at all, did it?

Have a great weekend hun. I hope its naked neighbor free!!


Ok, I'm gonna be a rock star!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! hehe.



So glad I could suggest a great pump up, let's get ready for the weekend song! I love it! The video is so fun. I love the ZZTop guy ...

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - So far so good! No nekkidness :)

Odat - Hurray, that's a great next life for you!

Tommie - The ZZtop guy is really funny. Do you think it's his voice in the song?


Random one, whooo wah the things we anticipate!

Random two, "so uhh tell me what it is like in your corner of my universe that I may try to remember if I'd seen it yet."

Random three, Please don't take this as a condescending tone...but with all you have had going on recently. STOP, quiet yourself and all that roils the mind. gather your prodigious energy and quietly focus it on the bee's. you do have an answer floating within you, find it through quiet peace.

and four...welI, I guess, I will just have to go and see , I am up for a tear or two.

Random five, *shrug*, it's all writing and you do it well enough to take it in another direction or continue on down the same path whichever is good for you is good for me. I simply like the reading I get to do here.



Open Grove Claudia

TWMark- I'm certain you are right about the bees and the writing. Find the answer inside for the bees and it doesn't really matter for the writing. sigh. I'm going to have to give up my search for the "right answer"? ;)


Claudia, thanks for the mention. I sure do appreciate it!

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