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January 27, 2008


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You know although there are lots of sad and depressed folk, also remember that like song writing, it's easier to write about the sad stuff than the happy. It just makes for easier subject matter to compose.

Ergo, that meditation is nice and I will meditate on that when I get down again, but don't worry too much. We're all down, but most likely not as down as you think. At least I hope so.


What a great idea. I totally agree Love is making you feel better. I am a dreamer and can get stuck with that love feeling often. To my loved once , children and random people. I often have to snap out of it to move on.
Here we are in the summer time. Sun shines and everybody is cheerful. So we need a bit of sunshine as well I think.
I am coming from Dana and enjoyed visiting your blog.


hi, here from Dana, and think I will be back if you don't mind... :) Have a lovely week, Katie :)


Mercury in retrograde Monday? Say it ain't so! My first day back to work since last Wednesday...

I'll think I'll try the visualization technique, thanks!

Open Grove Claudia

Furious Ball - I'll remind you in 2 1/2 weeks?? ;) I also hope that people aren't as down as they seem.

Marja - It was erm... springish today here! (OK, I'm jealous that it's summer where you are! ;) I don't think you can love too much. People believe that cynicism = smart - but they are wrong. Cynicism and negativity are easy. Smart people love. Good for you!

Katie - Super! I'll look forward to seeing you around.

Janet - I know. (I'm curling my lip right this instant about it.) 3 weeks - then it's over. Good luck tomorrow.


Since my wife is sitting here, and I tell her daily how much I love, I need someone else to visualize. So, Claudia, I love you 6.023 x 10xx23. That's way beyond adoration and puts you like only an order of magnitude behind my wife. Not to worry, she's not threatened, I already told her. Have a better day!


Sometimes I think people are more likely to write about their sadness and that is why it seems like the overwhelming feelings. Why is it we don't take time to stop and share our happiness? I don't know. I'm guilty of it, too. Yoga sounds good though, I need to try it. =o)

Open Grove Claudia

The CEO - Gosh, thanks for the love - it makes a big difference in my day and life.

Christy - Have you read Rob Brezny's "Pronoia"? He talks a lot about this. He wants to start a revolution of where we share our happiness, focus on our joy, instead of our pain. It takes effort, but I think it's worth it.


your posts always brighten my day!


It has been a very strange week, hasn't it? Thanks for sharing the meditation-it's good to see that people in traditional medicine are starting to recognize the power within people.


*still pulling hair out from work*

Thanks, I needed that. I really try to put my mind somewhere else during the day to help me cope with the stress and aggravation. I play soothing music from Klove and take long gazes out my window. All in all, your mind can do wonders. :)


Unfortunately in a "poor me" society it's so much easier to focus on our low times than to share our joy.

Everyone is interested in drama, but no one wants to hear how awesome your life is.

That's the way people feel anyway. It's a shame.

I know I fall into the 'sad blogging' mode from time to time, but I have to get the sadness out. Otherwise I'd drown in it.

Mr. Fabulous

I wish I could meditate. I wish I could relax, period.

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Open Grove Claudia

She - I'm delighted!

Claudia - I never believed in the Mercury crapola until I ran an Internet company. Nothing like every disaster you can imagine happening to change your mind!

Samantha K - What sticks in my head is this: "If your voice was heard, what would you want to say?" I don't know why it's so powerful to me but it stops me from writing about the challenges of life. I'd rather people hear inspiration - if they are listening.

Mr. Fabulous - I used to say that - then my doc put me on new asthma meds. I sleep like a baby. Unbe-fucking-lievable. I never slept more than 4 hours in my life. Now? It's delicious!


I think everyone needs to find that one way to help them relax, even if it's just taking 5-10 minutes to sit there and do nothing.


Hugssssssssss to you and thank you for this ....I'm going to use it again and again........

thanks for sending out the prayers too!


Nononsense girl

What a great idea Claudia!!!! You are awesome!!!!

Los Angelista

Wasn't the 21st the day that scientists have figured out is the most depressed day of the year? It made me feel so much better to see that my downer mood wasn't all my fault!


I am one of them. I feel like everything seems to dark atm. A lot of friends have relatives that are dieing or sick. it just seems like a negative period of time. It is rough. I was actually going to write about being down today.


this too shall pass. I just keep saying it over and over. :-) Thanks for... well... you!

Open Grove Claudia

Odat - You are never far from my thoughts. Blessings.

No Nonsense Girl - Ah shucks....

Los Angelista - Some scientist in London decided it was the saddest day. Ive not seen our little blog world so blue as last week. Hopefully, this will help a tiny bit.

Wonderful Kelly - CHANGE YOUR FUCKING NAME. Pleeeze. There is not one bad thing about you. Not one. I am sorry this is a dark time for you. At least you look good! ;)

heart in san francisco

I thought about those in my life who died of heart disease and realized that in every case, their hearts were closed and they were unable (or unwilling) to fully experience their emotions.

I believe that love is the key to staying healthy, and that happiness follows health.


Thank you for this.

That was the best three minutes of the entire day so far.

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - I had a client who was a cardiac nurse. She used to say that she worked with the broken hearted. So true.

Michelle- Hey, that's cool!


Open hearts today and every day. Tis the season for reflections and seasonal affective disorder. However I noticed on our way home from work yesterday that it was still light out.........the days are getting longer hurray, hurray......

thank you for the ray of calming sunshine.

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