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January 30, 2008


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Such a beautiful mind you have Claudia. hee hee! :)


If I adopt your God, leaving the same God behind (I was busily working while you were doing this), would they revoke my circumcision and put my foreskin back on? The answer to this is critical to my decision.

Mr. Fabulous

You've convinced me!

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - You mean like the movie "Beautiful mind" about a schizophrenic?

The CEO - Good question. I suppose it depends on what you want/think and what Mrs. CEO wants/thinks. I'm not sure who the god of circumcision is.... Maybe we should ask him.

Fabbie - Hurray! Oh sorry - erm - go in beauty. (That's what Tony Hillerman says that the Navajo nation says in the Navajo way. He wouldn't lie would he??)


well, that blue water is awfully pretty, isn't it?


I plead the 5th.

Hey, FYI. In the next few days, I'll have a new blog design, avatar and name. So, when you stop over, just know it's me and don't leave, k?! k. have a nice night. (Soon to be "Foster me up" - the name of my book...that I'm writing.) *smooches*


The water is very beautiful indeed! The photo before that really surprised me as I scrolled down..I am glad I didn't jerk or else I might have been shot.

heart in san francisco

I've heard the theory that the Dine (Navaho) are one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. It seems like they could get together and come up with some mutually profitable God and homeland.

Maybe they could bond over sheep. The Dine are big on sheep, and everyone knows that in the Holy Land, shepherds watch their flocks by night.


you forgot the almighty dollar.

Open Grove Claudia

Claudia - Israel is a beautiful country. So is Northern Ireland, Lebannon, South Africa - you can see the theme here - they are some of the most beautiful place on the planet. Amazing, isn't it?

Grace - I found that photo under Googling Israel Beautiful. Interesting, eh?

Heart in SF - I think a Navajo person would laugh at that statement. They are a fascinating people. Funny, social, polite... and still struggle like a third or forth world country.

FuriousBall - Hmm.... As always you point to the obvious. We do have to give up THAT God before we can embrace the others. Sigh. Such work.... ;)

lone grey squirrel

Humorous post. I was once with a Jewish family during Yom Kippur and the mother said something to the effect that they were the Chosen Race and then added that after all the Jews had been through, she wished that God had chosen some other people. Well, I believe in a God that is full of Grace and love. Sadly, the suffering and the strife comes from man. God gave us all paradise but we are killing it.

heart in san francisco

It was meant to be laughed at.

The Navajo are also amazing painters, weavers and jewelry makers with some of the best artistic sensibilities in the world.

Life on ALL the reservations is like Third World countries with the worst medical care and schools in America. The way our first citizens continue to be treated is a national disgrace.

Nononsense girl

Very good reflection. It made me smile too. :-)


As long as Yahweh doesn't require a circumcision-reversal, count me and the Mrs. in.


Anything is better than Moloch the hot-handed, Mars the bloody or whatever's the name of that rip your heart out Aztec deity.

The Norse gods are sort of cool but they have a dismal future ahead, 'ccordin' to all the myths. So nah.

Honestly, I would find it much easier to worship some kind of a Goddess. Just feels much more natural to me, since the mortal equivalents are so utterly worshipable, than to adore some divine bearded man. Men smell funny.

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