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January 29, 2008


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I lasted 3 seconds into that video...

sorry about your puter.


Sorry to hear that Claudisha. I reckon they're back up and running now...or at least one of them.


Woah - neat song...I didn't picture you listening to this. Strange how we get a pic in our mind and come up with our own image! Hope you had a gr8 day.


Oh, gosh, what a sad song, but lovely. I liked it. Sort of suits my mood today. Heh.

I hope all your computers are up and running. Dontcha hate it when that happens?


He's yummy. Saw him on Cribs the other night with his lovely accent.

Hope the computers come back to life soon.


freakin' Mercury!!! As a Gemini, I keep trying to tell it to stop doing that, it won't listen to me though!!!
Love Craig David...my favorite song of his is Walking Away. It was part of my leaving my old life behind.

Los Angelista

Hope the computer problems get fixed soon...and lovely eye candy in that video! :)

Open Grove Claudia

Furious Ball - That doesn't surprise me. I'm told it's a necessary "clearing of the decks" but.... it's so painful.

Chuckie - I'm still looking for... Did I leave that program at your house?

Rhonda - My allegience is to alternative metal but I'm slutty for any music that's under 4 minutes. Plus, did you see what this guy looks like?? Elton John says he's the best singer in all of England. Yeah. Singer...

Josie - Yeah, it is sad. I'm not sure why it's stuck in my head right now - probably because I said "good-bye" to a computer? Can I really love a computer that much? I'm a sick fuck.

Jill - Oh yes. Yummy. D. makes fun of him because he's so very fine. (He calls him David David.) We should test it - show the vid to J. and see what he says. ;)

Claudia - Gosh, I didn't realize YOU were the master of the universe. I keep thinking I am... silly me.... ;)

Los Angelista - I'm told it's a process... so is eye candy. Yummy.


LOL...ah well I try!!

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