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November 18, 2007


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No nonsense girl

wow, very interesting about reading. I was 3 years old when I started to read, like you, under stress, surrounded by books. It was an easy thing...

I'm glad you did the meme. How interesting!!!! :)

Have a great day!!!! :)


Your number 5? That's one of my weird things too. I did a post about it not too long ago. And I can see them.

You learned to read when you wre 2-1/2...? Holy Toledo...!

By the way, as I type this, I am having my second morning coffee, with some wonderful mint-flavored honey in it. Yum. :-)


I'm sorry to read that you had so much stress at such a young age. I rarely went to class in high school, too...it bored me utterly.

I have a friend who dead people talk to...it freaks her out. We were staying at a hotel in CT, next to an old cemetary and she say 3 guys dressed in old time military uniforms standing near the door to the bathroom. They wanted to talk to her, but she sensed something not so nice about them and so was scared. She finally had to say something to me about it, so that I'd go turn on the bathroom light so she could go LOL!

Thanks for tagging me, I needed some incentive today!

Open Grove Claudia

No Nonsense Girl - Thanks for tagging me. It's good to work on something more structured. yay for reading! Do you read by symbol?

Josie - I don't like to see them - it kind of freaks me out. But I can see the orbs - which is enough. I tell them I won't talk to them if they take form - so they don't. Yea! Honey!

Janet - I think that would freak me out. I find ghosts are just like people. Usually they want to talk about themselves then go away. I feel bad for your friend. She needs to learn psychic protection.

No nonsense girl

No but I can read upside down or sideways. If it's a word, I'll read it. I also learned a second language when I was a little kid (around 3) and It's like it's my first language. I dunno, it's hard to explain...

What ya mean by symbols? can you explain more??? :)

heart in san francisco

You've made me wonder if we don't all read by symbol. I taught myself to read at about the same age by making an association between the written words and what was being read to me, then recognizing the same words in other books.

It was torturous later in grade school having to sit quietly while other kids struggled to sound out Dick and Jane. I became a juvenile delinquent out of boredom.

I didn't go to class much in high school either. It seemed like a waste of time when I could pass the tests by reading the material myself. I think that much of school functions as baby sitter.

I would very much like to know more about your communications with dead people. I often feel the presence of such spirits but they don't talk to me, nor am I able to see them except as occasional flashes of ectoplasm, if that's what it is.


More like 7 fascinating things! If you haven't already, I'd love to hear more about spirits speaking to you. Gives me the chills, but I can't get enough of that stuff.


the reading by symbol is interesting and i think i am similar. i will post something tomorrow for my answers.


I can't get over that #5.

I sway from not believing in ghosts and stuff to believing in them....

You just hear them but can't see them?

Open Grove Claudia

No Nonsense Girl - It's hard to explain but words don't have parts to them, they are wholes. This "word" could easily be a * or a as far as I'm concerned. Does that make sense?

Heart in SF - Maybe that's what draws us all together, our little clique. We read by symbol. (shrugging). I should probably do a post on dead people.... They aren't much different from living people.

Jill - I don't really know what to say about dead people. I've talked to them since I was little so... What do you want to know?

FuriousBall - Hey cool! I'll look forward to your answers! It does not surprise me that we are similar! :)

Slick - I completely understand. I am very skeptical myself - really! It just keeps happening. I can see apparitions but it freaks me out. (I can handle the orbs that they are usually in.) I tell them that if they form apparition, I won't talk to them. They seem desperate to speak so they don't. There was one in our bedroom - woman dressed in a yellow dress circa 1910 with a hat, blond curled hair - pointing at D. She had this wicked look on her face. Both me and Rosie woke to her. I was pissed and pushed her on without talking to her. Fucking bitch. Trying to fuck with D. Don't ask how I did that because I'm not really sure. I got pissed, a spot - like a bright light - opened and she was sucked into it. Weird, huh?


I love candles too but my toddler keeps on blowing it thinking it's for a birthday!

lone grey squirrel

Well, an interesting list and talking to dead people, well, that is weird ....and creepy. I have a problem with spirits. I suspect that they are up to no good and mischief.


You are one interesting woman, you ghost whisperer you! I find that very cool....wish I could see em!

Open Grove Claudia

Grace - How cute! I never thought of such a thing. Maybe when the kids are a little older?

Squirrelly - I guess it depends on what you think about people. Spirits are disembodied people. In my experience, spirits are like people - good, bad, mostly indifferent and lost.


The "dead people talk to me" kind of overshadows the rest, doesn't it?


Spicy just like hot sauce.
That's you all over Miss C!
Yeah, I know that song, lol...

Open Grove Claudia

Jay - I guess so. It's so normal for me that I don't think anything about it.

Samantha_K - That song makes me laugh when I'm at the gym - yes, spicy just like hot sauce! ;)


This is my first visit to your site. Not too many posts back I wrote I wanted to grow a whole field os sunflowers someday... n there it is on your header!

Brave of you to mention spirit communication. Me too, but don't write about it much.


instead of lighting the candle, can I just burn my place of work down?

that would make me feel so much better. hehe



as always, you're a fascinating woman, claudia. that's all i can add to this convo.

Open Grove Claudia

SnaggleTooth - I love sunflowers and have filled large areas with them. They are so good for bees too!

Kelly - Now, now! What would you do with your pink tool belt if you burned the house down???

She - Hmmm - fascinating good? or fascinating like a bug in a jar?


You are definitely a spectacular woman, Claudia. And I find it FASCINATING that spirits talk to you. Really.

la cubana gringa

I'll work on this over the holidays...but may I ask why my name has been changed to "La Cucina Gringa"? :)

Open Grove Claudia

Oh for fuck's sake.... sorry. really sorry.... I guess I'm not going to be your giant Cuban friend now....

Kevin Charnas

Damn it, I need to hang out with you...


You are just so selfish.

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