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November 27, 2007


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I'm actually big foot


I still can't tell what the hell this is!


Why is there only one pic of him anyway? I'm going to buy him a razor for Christmas...

I couldn't find the big foot entry on her blog. :(

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - You know. I always wondered....

Rileyberry - Oh me too. We have to trust the authorities at the BFRO.com

Jill - She sent me an email begging me not to be kicked out of the nerdiverse. He wouldn't get anywhere near me with all that fuzz. bleck.


*g* Thanks for all the links! And thanks for today's topic!


Wow...I can really see the difference!!!!! NOT!


I think it can be anything we want it to be. :) I just don't want to run into it in the dark!

Los Angelista

Is Bigfoot doing yoga? That's what it looks like!

Open Grove Claudia

Harlekwin - Hmmm.... controversy starter! ;)

Odat - You and me sister!

JaneyWan - I never thought of that. YIKES!!

Los Angelista - Probably from one of those studios in LA....

heart in san francisco

He looks hungry. Do you think I should invite him over for a home-cooked meal?

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - Now, now... he's not going to eat your neighbor. He's an herbivore!

heart in san francisco

Now that never occurred to me. Honest. I was just slipping into Cancerian mode. I wish I could be something else for awhile, like a Scorpio.

And my neighbor is a fungus, so she probably qualifies.


THAT'S big foot?! How anti-climactic. He doesn't look so big. I have hemorrhoids bigger than him.

lone grey squirrel

Suddenly, all became clear. A closer look at that round head and I realized.........it's Homer Simpson.

I decided to give you a couple of affectionate cats. Please come over to collect.

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - Next time I see Big Foot I'll send him to eat your neighbor.

Bottle Blonde - So you have mangy hemorroids? ;)

Squirrelly - Homer Simpson! Of course, he's probably Matt Groening's inspiration...


My UPS man believes in Big Foot. I should show him this picture and really fuel his fire, LOL.

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