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November 20, 2007


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heart in san francisco

Congratulations! I cannot tell you how very thrilled I am for you.

This is a magnificent distinction so do wear it in good health.

Cheers! Bottoms up! Salut! Le Chaim! A votre sante! And may you be in heaven one hour before the devil knows you died.


and here i thought the best thing out of Aurora was Mork and Mindy...


Congratulations? Hee hee.

Hey, at least people don't hear what state you live in and think your backyard is a swamp full of alligators.


Ya, but are you a heavy drunkard? What's the fav drink? your fav?
Is this a flawed study? Is the drinking only good when the slopes are bare?
I've got a cousin in Parker CO...

I prefer Green or Chamomile tea to booze.
I used to faithfully drink Bacardi Rum coke, then quit all soda pop. At the last two weddings attended I ended up drinking Black Russians. Those are the only two occassions in two years I drank liquor, besides wine with a dinner one other time...
The tourists, tho- drink like fish! (CapeCod)

Did you drink to this occassion?


I lived in Aurora for six months in the early 80s...my husband contributed his part, I'm sure ;-)

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - Yes, we are delighted that Colorado has more cirrhotic livers than anywhere else in the country. Whoo Hoo!!

FuriousBall - Nope. It's the booze.

Jill - No, they know my backyard is full of honeybees and drunks. (I wonder if the combination = alligators....)

Snaggle Tooth - There's just not a lot to do here after Daylight savings. It gets dark around 4:30 p.m. I don't drink that much but more than I did when I lived in LA.

Janet - Oh, I thought I saw his photo in the paper! ;)


Much cooler than "Houston - fattest city in America".

Open Grove Claudia

Jenny - Yes, but there's all that blonde hair! Doesn't that make up for it?? Plus they probably determined it by the BMI and we all know how buff people are in Houston! ;)

lone grey squirrel

Salut! Skol! A drink is not complete without nuts!


So you're a bunch of drunkards out there, huh? Well, that martini looks pretty enough drink fuhr shur


What an honor! Are AA meetings like singles bars there?


At least that's something to toast too! So, do you have an equally high number of rehab facilities?

Open Grove Claudia

Squirrelly - Yea drink nuts! :)

Bottle Blonde - You'd be amazed. There are a bunch of "clubhouses" here. So yes, there's a ton of AA, NA - you know Denver's the pot capital of the country too!

Lorrie - There aren't a lot of rehabs here. In fact when I moved here they closed 10. They just aren't lucrative. There's a huge market in DUI school - but most people go out of state - Meadows, etc.


Well thank you. We blow ins need more education.



Just another reason for me to come visit you!!!

Open Grove Claudia

Maddy - Yes. You'll have to share it with your expat friends - Denver's the place to get shit faced!

ADW - Reason 1,000,001 - tour of local drinking establishments in drunkest city in the United States.


I spent a week there for work once and was drunk most of the time....so I reckon I'll have to agree!

Open Grove Claudia

Chuck - That WAS a fun week.

seventh sister

Maybe it has something to do with the altitude. When you are already a mile high, it must be hard to know when to stop drinking. Of course, people may be drinking hard stuff to avoid 3/2 beer. I am suprised that Denver is the pot capital... I thought that was somewhere in Humbpolt but maybe I was thinking about chamber pots.

Open Grove Claudia

Seventh Sister - Yes, it's probably the altitude - oh wait a minute, Johannesburg is at the same altitude and they aren't the drinking capital of anything. Hmmmm.....

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