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November 13, 2007


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The miracles of modern veterinary medicine. My dogs get bugs in their EARS all the time (apparently common in the beagle) but never in their NOSE. Learn something new every day...



That is all.


That is so interesting....Poor lil baby....I'm glad she's getting relief....
My lil dog sneezes..but not so much...more so in the fall...I wonder...

Open Grove Claudia

Samantha K - I could not agree more - although dead mites are a little like YEA!!

Odat - I'd ask your vet. We've asked about Rose at least 3 times. And the difference is amazing. Luckily they can't be passed to humans.


If Rose was faithful and loyal before, she's downright crazy about you now! Can you imagine how relieved she must be feeling these days? Good thing they're not transmissible, that would just be past nasty.


my nose itches with sympathy... yikes!

Open Grove Claudia

Harlekwin - She's wonderful. Now she's just wonderfuller - yeah, that's a word! ;)

FuriousBall - And she appreciates it! Does Yogi have any of those problems? They said she can pick them up from swimming.

heart in san francisco

Last night Flip said his nose hurt. Can I have your new vet's number?


Wow, that's interesting. I didn't know that could happen. Then again, I know dogs can have that problem in their ears, so I guess it does make sense...

Poor doggie!


Aw.... I hate to see animals suffering. I hope she feels better now.

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - I'll email it to you but the vet promised that human's could not get nasal mites. I asked. Over and over again, I asked.

Chuck - I had no idea either. Clearly the cute and famous vets didn't either.

Josie - She's much better - amazing.


Eew!! Poor little pup!


I live in Colorado too, and my dog has been snorting a lot lately, its definitely like something is up there and bothering him. He's very active as well, I though it was just when he was sniffing around the ground and got stuff up there......But, lately he has been having a clear discharge from his nose (snot?). So I think I'm going to take him in and see if its nose mites.

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