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November 22, 2007


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Whatever you are on, can I have some too? Don't mean to make jokes, I have moments of feeling gratitude for everything and everybody but they are so rare and fleeting.

It's nice to see a blogger actually say something uplifting actually. ! Good for you girl.


Claudia........I am thoroughly enjoying visiting your site........you're a witty, intelligent, very funny person.........a bright shining light emanates from you through your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Make sure all of Colorado has a designated driver system set up. I hear they have a reputation for lovin their martinis and shots. :)

No nonsense girl

happy thanksgiving to you my friend!!!! You are a great, fun, interesting and smart blogger!!!! :)


As we're blessed to know you.

I can say that without sounding gay, by the way.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, girl!


Happy Thanksgiving, Claudia :-)


Your sincerity is very moving--especiall to a holiday curmudgeon like myself. I am glad to have read this.


I am happy to know you too!

Open Grove Claudia

Betty - You know I love to share! :) I'll sprinkle a little dust in your direction.

Awareness - Gosh, thanks. Gratefully, everyone is so hung over this morning that the roads are clear - and we'll be home tonight. whoo hoo!

No Nonsense Girl - Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear. I bet you're grateful to be out of that parish.

Slick - Ah Slick. You've got that cool cig/chronic voice with the accent. How could that possibly sound gay?? You are a blessing to me as well.

Janet - I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving as well! Is Snape coming for dinner?

Jocelyn - I actually feel this way every day. Thanksgiving is just an acceptable day to express it.

Grace - I happy to know you as well.



I couldn't agree more! We live in amazing times. I'm grateful to have found your blog and your site. I can hardly wait for next weeks brilliance.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


What a loving, heartfelt post, Claudia. Makes me wanna stick my tongue in your ear.

heart in san francisco

I feel very blessed to be here, too. It's an amazing adventure, and so much more delightful with friends like you who live far away but are very much a part of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and D, Claudia!


Thank you for your beautiful sentiment. I feel blessed to have wakened this morning, and to have you as a part of my life. Thank you so much!

Mr. Fabulous

My soul is actually a little tarnished. Where does one get soul polisher?

I am thankful for you too :)

Open Grove Claudia

Harlekwin - It's cold here - bleck! What a delight to spend this amazing time with you!

BottleBlonde - Really? Your tongue in my ear? Ew.

Heart in SF - Far away in geography but never far from my heart. Yes.

The CEO - I am delighted you awakened as well! Yea!

Mr. Fabulous - Soul tarnish? Do you think that's from the moist air?


I think Awareness said it best that your light definitely shines through this blog. Thank you.


You're such a delight....and I'm blessed for you!!!
(I can't believe it's that cold there!!! BRRRRRRR is right!)
Hope your Turkey Day was a good one!


Claudia... wow! You have put into words exactly how I feel too. The blogging community is a real community of real people, and I look forward every day to coming home and visiting with all you folks. I haven't had time to visit all my favorite blogs lately, with having so much overtime at work *sigh*, but this weekend I am catching up with everyone I have missed.

I hope you're having a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

Cheers! :-)

Open Grove Claudia

Claudia - Great name btw. Well you know, this little light of mine... ;)

Odat - It's nasty cold here. Bleck. I feel the same about you.

Josie - Yes, visiting a favorite blog is like dropping over at a friend's house for some tea. Irish Breakfast, of course! ;)


Aww, I'm a little late but just had to say Thanks! Even though I'm somewhat of a newbie visitor, I always enjoy your posts and feel welcome. :)

la cubana gringa

happy belated thanksgiving!!

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - I'm glad you found this little blog!

La Cubana Gringa - You as well!

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