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November 20, 2007


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Shoot. I do live under a rock...

If that IS Bigfoot, what in the world is he doing? Yoga??


I don't live under the same rock that Jill does but I guess I live under one too!

It's too hard to make out from what i see....

Looks like a 3 legged giraffe without the neck


well, of course it fucking is......


it could be a mangy bigfoot

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - Yes, yoga is a big part of the Bigfoot lifestyle. So is living under a rock.

Slick - You sure you aren't co-rockitating with Jill? It's a very dark photo and it's blown up. It was taken on auto, so it's not focused well.

Awareness - Fuck yeah!

Furiousball - Hmmm.... you may be onto something.


I recognize that... it's sasquachachtasana... downward facing sasquatch.


Big "foot"...I want big, but not the foot! ahahaha.

lone grey squirrel

Surely it should be BigFeet! I'm just saying.


Is it a male and female hunter or whatever..doing uhhmm...


It looks like my exhusband bent over. This guy needs to shave just as bad.




btw. love the honey!!

Open Grove Claudia

D. - Yes, as a card carrying member of the BFRO, I'm certain you recognize bigfoot yoga.

Odat - Hmmmm.... Now you bring up something interesting....

Grace - The hunter says that he set up the camera and wasn't there for this picture. Whatever it is, he's not there.

Kelly - Well, the photo was taken in your neck of the woods, so to say. Maybe you should ask.


Ha! It looks like a tree trunk doing Downward Dog.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Open Grove Claudia

ADW - A furry tree trunk - do they grow those where you live?

seventh sister

Maybe it is a chupacabra who wondered way, way out of its usualy territory.

heart in san francisco

I always thought he'd be bigger.

Open Grove Claudia

Seventh Sister - HEY! It probably is a chupacabra. Maybe the hunter is the chupacabra..... hmmmmm

Heart in SF - Yes, we women always hope that's true.


Yes, Bigfoot doing yoga!!


oh claudia, how i love your mind. let me count the ways . . .

Open Grove Claudia

Claudia - I think I've been in yoga class with him. How about you?

She - My Bigfoot mind? Is that a compliment? (squinting eyes)

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