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November 28, 2007


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Ciara and Shakira have some sort of quadruply jointed pelvii must be something with the ra ending on their name. I don't remember Sun Ra being able to do that though

heart in san francisco

I would definitely take the Dog as a Second Language class, and also the one that would teach me to accept what I cannot change, as in the serenity prayer.

Like you, I fiercely attempt to "fix" whatever is not working on the assumption that Of Course I can do it if I just try hard enough. The truth is, I usually can't. Sometimes it isn't even about me. So if anyone is willing to teach that course, sign me up.


Accept the unacceptable. I wanna go with! The women in my family have a history of being overly caring and worry-warts, and then suddenly one day BAM - they're done and accept life as it comes. I'm waiting for my time...

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - I think you're onto something. Damn parents. If only they had given me an "ra"....

Heart in SF - It's funny. When people say to me, "I want to change the world" I always think "What if the world doesn't want to change?" Hard to practice. Let's take the class together.

Jill - Yes, maybe we can take the class as a webinar.


Hey, thanks for playing...I love all your courses...particularly Dog Speak...lol...and I had even thought about wiggle your nose ...cleaning...


One of a kind meme. I like this, now time to do some serious thinking to come up with a post! :-)

Open Grove Claudia

Odat - Why don't we take them together? That sounds fun!

Grace - You can do it! I'll look forward to reading yours!


ooops! I read your post and neglected to see my name here! I will have to think about the courses I would like to take to help me along the way, though I'm much better up in front of the class than sitting at a desk....too wiggly I guess.......

I do like your courses.......

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