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November 16, 2007


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greg t

ahh psyched is not the word that poped into my head first. But psyched yeh that's it psyched yeh...


Totally!! Dude, you're like totally famous by proxy by proxy by proxy.


Hahahahaha. YES! Thank you for making me a proxy star via many degrees!

Open Grove Claudia

GregT - But don't you think that has to do with your Kung Fu grip??

Lorrie - Thanks! I'm doing the happy dance! NOW you're famous too! :)

Christy - You are so welcome! You're totally a Proxy Star!


that's like this book i want to write in a 4th person narrative...

"I know a guy who.."


Is there a t-shirt? I really want everyone who sees me to know!


Too funny!! I know exactly who you are speaking of, and he LOOKS like he would smell like he needs to bathe. Your friend rocks!

(And so do you, by proxy. *wink wink*)


So where's my autograph? Can I blog about you now? I'm excited! Wow by proxy. Pretty soon the whole blogosphere will know you by proxy....do you know how many proxies that is!!!...lol.

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - I'll order an advance copy!

Harlekwin - What a great idea! I'll have to find some great talented person to create it for me. Know any?? ;)

Jill - Yes he does. Um, so I smell by proxy or rock by proxy?? 'Cuz, I just showered....

Odat - 7 million? lol! Feel free to blog about my fame. I'm going to be HUGE. (Oh right, I already am huge! ;)


Ha! Rock by proxy! *laugh*

heart in san francisco

He should bathe. And not by proxy.

Los Angelista

This post is SO funny to me. I can imagine that homeboy would be a bit malodorous. The scent of his being mean about other folks' circumstances surely reeks from his pores.


Yeah, he looks pretty stinky. It figures that someone who spews so much negativity would smell bad.


I know who you are talking about as well and he looks BAD bad bad. he always looks dirty and unshaven.
he is also a total bitch to everyone else, so he should be able to take some of it back.

lone grey squirrel

I'm glad enough to know claudia.

Open Grove Claudia

Jill - PHEW! I'm raising my right pinky and thumb and rocking out, man!

Heart in SF - Sadly, I think he bathes by proxy.

Los Angelista - I never thought of it - but yes, he would have venum through his pores.

Nila - He is so negative and smelly - you are absolutely right. That negativity must come from a rotting soul.

Betty - Yes, well.... People like that can take very little of what they put out into the world.

Squirrelly - Ah shucks. I love you too Squirrelly!


It's nice to be famous, when can I expect checks to come rolling in? And I agree with Hearts, he ought to bath, he's a public nuisance.

No nonsense girl

Wow, I'm confused!!! LOL!!!!

Visit me, I've got a surprise for you!!! :)

heart in san francisco

Can Claudia come out and play?


Could you sign my boobs now that yer famous?

I don't consider PH a true gay man. Gay men bathe and take great pains to freshen up. PH is just a straight man with a girly voice.

Open Grove Claudia

The CEO - You'll get 1% of what I get - how's that??

No Nonsense Girl - Fame can befuddle the mind. I'd recommend a long nap.

Heart in SF - YEA! Play time for me! :)

BottleBlonde - The thing is that he complains about being single. I mean - I wouldn't date him! Oh, I'm happy to give you an autograph but what are boobs??

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