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September 30, 2007


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Wow.... awesome answers... to all of the questions. :) I liked #3 in particular because it does give such good insight into the way you think.. the way you perceive.

Thanks so much for going along with this... for answering the questions. :)




Wow. What a great post. You sound very human. I like that. We can all make mistakes and when we do, we need to learn the right way to say we're sorry. I certainly make mistakes - every day. None of us is perfect. We do indeed try to be kind, gentle, and good, and we fail. But the good thing is, we keep on trying.


Open Grove Claudia

Chani - Thanks for asking such interesting question. I feel kind of bad that I didn't have answers to a couple of them, but.... :)

Josie - Thanks. I'm a bit nervous about posting something so personal. And yes, when I am certain of my humanity, I am happiest.


Pea brain? Not likely with such a profound post, Claudia, unless You stole it from somewhere. lol

We are all human and the better that we get to know each other, the more we do become aware that there are neither flawless heroes nor irredeemable villains in our world.


Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awe inspiring post........I just know your heart went into that and thanks for sharing it!

heart in san francisco

These are beautiful, honest answers to incredibly searching questions. I am in awe of you.

If only everyone realized what a great and glorious gift life is, and that our earthly existence is about feeling instead of considering ourselves ripped off when things are tough. Without sorrow, there can be no bliss, just as without ugliness, there can be no beauty, which kind of makes ugliness beautiful, too.

Fairness has nothing to do with it. Being the best and kindest we can be to one another is what it's all about. And yes, manners is a good place to start.

There should be a manual called "Humanness for Dummies."

Open Grove Claudia

East Coast Dweller - I guess, the idea is that as a human I cannot even take in all that is the universe, let alone process it in my small brain. Nope, this is all me. I agree with you with one caveat - I think the more we know and understand ourselves, the easier it is to understand others. Just me!

Odat - Inspiring? Thanks. I figured it was just pure geek-i-tude.

Heart in SF - IMHO, there are a few of those manuals - Bible, Koran, Tibetan book of the dead, Book of Morman, Tanakh, Dao De Jing, Tipitaka, and on and on. They all say about the same thing - be kind, love each other - then we take a hold of it and decide it says something else. Human again. The word is golden but to our ears? Dust.

No Nonsense girt


I was in the same hole you refer to and like you say it, I'm happy every day that I got out of it and that i'm happy, have people who love me, that I feel safe at night to sleep. That I'm alive.

You are inspiring girl!!! :)


Open Grove Claudia

No Nonsense Girl - Hurray for us!! YIPPEE!!

No Nonsense girl


you arew right, hurray for us. I usually say "I've been tru hell and got myself out of it" , these years were terrible but I am a better person, a stronger and more loving. I know happiness is possible, I also know that I'm thankful for everything I am and have.

That's going to be my TT this week.... I'm grateful for many things...

Wow, I'm tearing up! I'm glad you got out of it. You and I seem to have a lot in common...

Many hugs!!!!

NNG :)

Open Grove Claudia

No Nonsense girl - I'm just grateful for one more day - that's all. I don't care what other people did to me - only what I do to me. :)


You're one cool person. Thanks for the insight.

Open Grove Claudia

Meems - Thanks - I think it takes one to know one!

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