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September 13, 2007


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i think i got an eye etd from seeing paris and britney sans panties

No Nonsense girl

I'm with ya on the smoking... and the pets!

Happy TT, great idea.


Yes again to the smoking - I swear that if I'm still alive at 80 I'm going to start smoking again because I love it so much.

On-the-Job Mom

On #5...I've been living at high altitude for over a year now and man does this part suck. I can't bake for NOTHING anymore. So sad...

Amelia June

Amen to the ice cream, I HATE that about ice cream.


It's the neighbor comment that made me roll. It also made me think of the King of the Hill episode where they have to forse Khan to put up a privacy hedge. Thank God I wasn't drinking anything or there would have been a splatter problem. thanks for the laugh.

And try baking in a very dry climate. You HAVE to increase the fat and liquid content, or bake with a pan of water in the oven. that was a costly error when I was baking a round of wheat bread.


Mark Caldwell

If Yeah is spelt Ya how do you differentiate a posh character who says Ya from one who says Yeah? Given that it would be a pretty good definer of class over here an onomatopoeic spelling has its uses sometimes. Or maybe I'm just covering up that I'd have made the same mistake :-)


I think you should anonymously send your neighbor different outfits, fireman, cowboy, etc.


Alright, where are they and how many concrete shoes do I need to make? Ugh, the nerve of some people!

As for trademark, dually noted. =o)

Michael Schurmann

Ha Ha! Great list. I'm definitely with you on #4. People are so self-centered now days!

Open Grove Claudia

April - Do you think the clinic will have something for that?? Maybe that's what's wrong with my retina.... I went to the eye doctor but he swore it wasn't burned there.

No Nonsense girl - mmmm smoking - what's your brand!?! Very sad about the pets thing.

Heather - We can sit in the old folks home together smoking. Dunhill? Is that your brand? I love the way Gitanes smell.

On-the-Job Mom - I have a book that's supposed to help but the recipes suck - I just bake extra and use lots of frosting!

Amelia June - I love ice cream though!

Cindy - How funny. I think I'll have to grow a hedge. A friend showed me his privacy lattice - that might work too.

Mark Caldwell - Now that's very bright of you. (or at least it gives me something to say to it!) Thanks for the great excuse!

FuriousBall - Problem is? I don't want to see him in those outfits. Naked is bad enough.

Christy - People are assholes! Well, every one but me... and you... and everyone we like... ;) Trademark - grrr.

Michael Schurmann - It's unbelievable but a good lesson anyway. Reminder to self (selfs?): be more selective.

Mathew James Didier

I recently quit smoking... and it's frightening to know the craving will REALLY never stop... *Sigh*, the things we do for health...

...oh, and as for the ?Yeah? is not spelled ?Ya?. bit, I would have said that it's an Anglicized version of "Ja" and the person speaking was Dutch.

Think it would've worked?

Open Grove Claudia

Mathew - I love having more "reasons" - at least to sooth my own "what an idiot" thoughts! :)


oh god, i wish that smoking wasn't bad for you... i've quit, but i mean.... sometimes that ONE drag is so totally worth it. mmmm...

and ice cream. gahhh..

Oh, and kevin smith is the write/director of such films as: "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", and "Clerks II"

He also plays the loveable Character - Silent Bob. :D

thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Michael C

Did the family you did so much for really do that? Some people...

I liked this a lot. Thanks!

Open Grove Claudia

Laura - Oh right. I do know who he is. I just thought it was funny that you love him so much I am not sure who he is! I have this fantasy that someday they will perfect the cancer free tobacco then we'll all smoke.

Michael C - Yeah and worse. That's just the abbreviated version. To this day they tell people about all that they did for us - which is a whole lot of nothing. Good lesson to learn though.

Buck Naked Politics

GREAT list, so humorous (except the really serious stuff). Mine is about Watergate -- not funny at all.


Actually, the disappearing bees is very serious. No one knows why it is happening but the effect on agriculture, and the environment generally, could be catastrophic.

I gave up smoking years ago, but if I am ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, I am totally taking it up again!

Open Grove Claudia

Buck Naked Politics - but your naked! That makes up for a whole lot - unless you look like my neighbor then PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON! Jeez.

Nicholas - Yes, the bees... it's so very sad. We'll all go to smoking heaven.


If ice cream was not fattening, I would be the happiest woman alive. And I'd have really strong bones.

Open Grove Claudia

Nila - me too! I love the stuff....

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