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September 20, 2007


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Oh, these are truly funny... and so true! The fourteenth would be "I'll get back to you."


I have that same sensitivity, by the way... and likely for very similar reasons.



Open Grove Claudia

Chani - Yes! I hate that one or "let's get together soon". (rolling eyes)


Hilarious but very true! I've had some of those things said to me before so maybe I better start looking inside myself to see what I can change!

My husband hates it when I roll my eyes...guess I do it a lot to hime!

Vicki Gaia

Too funny! Another one is "Oh, that's interesting..." really meaning, oh, don't bore me with the details!


I hear you on that list! An alternate meaning for #13, though (which I have used, sadly) is: "I've already decided to file for divorce, but I want to tell you in a neutral location so you don't get violent." :(

I love #s 3 4, though. Those are too perfect. Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my site!



Number 9 is so true. I've watched this in my step sister. She won't get her act together and my mom has had her kids for 3 years. She did finally leave him though. I don't know if she will be able to get them back or not.


Great post!!!!

Mine is up on
Working At Home Mom

Moondancer Drake

Wouldn't it just be nice if people said what they meant? I do and its gets me in trouble all the time *shrug* go figure.



extremely enjoyable 13 and oh-so-true.

check out mine: http://www.shebecameabutterfly.net/?p=146

No Nonsense girl

Such a true TT! I love it!

Mine is up if you want to visit thenononsense.blogspot.com

Open Grove Claudia

Kat - It's just soo much easier to see it when someone else says it! ;)

Vicki - How very true!

Nicole - Isn't that sad? My experience is that those relationships never end. Poor people.

QTPies7 - I've seen women lose their children for all of those reasons and more. No matter what someone says, it's his/her behavior that shows her/his love.

Jennifer - Thanks for stopping by!

Moon Dancer - I figure it's better to get in trouble with the truth than have to figure out what lie I told.

She - Thanks for stopping by!

No Nonsense Girl - Well said! Thanks for stopping by.


I LOVE this 13! They are all very (sadly) true. Why do we need to placate others when we really just want them to stop/shut up/leave/let us leave/fill in the blank?

We won't hurt their feelings, we'll just stop by the store on the way home for that jumbo size Tylenol.

Great TT!

Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

so funny and so true!

Aren't we humans all loopy?


Buck Naked Politics

Your list is amazingly dead-on. Thanks for putting it up.

Cindy Swanson

Wow...there's a lot of truth to that list! People are pretty hypocritical, I guess.

Open Grove Claudia

Misa Gracie - I think it's a complicated dance between people. I'm not sure what would be better.

Karla - Yes, we are loopy.

Buck Naked - Thanks for popping by!

Cindy - I'm not sure if it's hypocrisy or narcissism....


Hahhh so funny do you really mean all that?e


One I remember from my days in sales. "I'll have to think about that." which means "I intend to dismiss it from my mind the monent this conversation ends, and when you get back to me for my answer I shall lie and say I have given it serious thought before reluctantly deciding against it."


I love your TT. Another one is 'I'm fine' meaning either I don't want to tell you the truth or I don't want to take time to tell you how things really are. Happy Thursday!

Open Grove Claudia

Marcia - Sadly, I think it\'s true.

Nicholas - Hey! That\'s good to know!

Anc - Great point!? I usually say it when I\'m in a hurry! lol!

heart in san francisco

These are great! The only one you forgot is "I'll call you," which means variously "I'll call you tonight," "I'll call you at some point during the rest of your life," and most common of all, "I'll call you when Hell freezes over."


10. ?How interesting!? Actual meaning: You are a complete idiot.

You have no idea how often I use this lie. It's a huge part of my lying arsenal. Thanks for 'outing' me!

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - I usually take "I'll call you" to mean: "I'll never call you"! people.....

Bottle Blonde - Sorry. I doubt the cretins you say it to read this blog so you're safe.

Michael C

I loved this list!!! Is that really what #13 means????

la cubana gringa

Here's another one: "That's funny!" (Really means: "Ehh, that's kinda funny but not funny enough for me to actually laugh...so I'll just say it's funny.")

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