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September 21, 2007


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heart in san francisco

Claudia, I love your answers! I'm so glad I know you.

I agree that we all need to treat ourselves more kindly so that we will be able to do better by others. I was raised to always put myself last, but eventually, this breeds anger, even bitterness, so I am trying now to give myself the same consideration I give others.

Your thoughts on a holistic lifestyle are also a great place to start for those who don't know much about it but want to make changes.

I wondered how you would handle the question on what you would ask someone no longer living. That was a tough one because it's really impossible to narrow it down to only one. Maybe Mohammed would tell you that some of his followers have misunderstood him.

And now I'm going to check Amazon for your books!!! May they go forth and multiply.

Thank you for playing!! These were thoughtful and fascinating responses.

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in SF - Thanks for asking! That was fun and thanks for the kind supporting words.


Awesome questions and great answers. :) I think my brain would explode if I had a meeting with JPS... but I'd like to try anyway.



Open Grove Claudia

Chani - He was supposed to be quite a charmer. I'm certain you could keep up with him but stay out of his bed? I've heard it was neigh impossible.


Paris Catacombs with Jean Paul Satre would be absolutely amazing. I never would have thought of that on my own, but it really is a smashing idea.

Open Grove Claudia

Christy - The French Resistance was run out of the Catacombs. Satre and Camus were both members of the resistance until they were caught and sent to a prison camp. Can you imagine the stories?? Yeah.


Wow...great questions and even greater answers!! I'm impressed!

Open Grove Claudia

Odat - You wanna come book hopping with me??

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