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September 19, 2007


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Oh, heavens! LOL




It is not often that I thank God for my two relatively unusual last names. But this is certainly one of those situations.

heart in san francisco

Have you considered changing your name?

The red dress, though, very fetching. Just the right thing for a family reunion, or ones own funeral.

Open Grove Claudia

Chani - Oh heavens is right!!

Michelle - Yes, thank God for small favors!

Heart in SF - Oh my name. I've posted on this. I'm mostly angry that she stole my name from me. I mean it's an illogical name - claudius throwing the christians to the lions and all. I don't know....


your ass looks slammin in that red dress.

you've got the look.

Michael C

If it's any consolation, she looks far, far meaner than I'm sure you do!!!

Mr. Fabulous

I have naked pictures of you.

I thought everyone did.

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - MY ass? Hrm. That's her wide ass. 'member me? I'm the gym rat.

Michael C. - I think she is meaner than I am.

Mr Fab - You're very funny.... um.... how much do you want?


That's really wild...but funny too...I too have a very common name....I don't even want to imagine what's out there! I know I'm a famoust artist and a world renowned doctor, but I havent come across any nude photos yet...lol...

Open Grove Claudia

Odat - Yeah, I'm always saying "O dat girl"! ;)


This makes me appreciate my weird name.

Open Grove Claudia

Meems - Yes. I thought my name was unusual until it was "shared".


If you hate her, you must know her. Can you introduce me?!

Open Grove Claudia

BroLo - She's the kind of girl that will eat you alive. Sound fun?? Plus she's not Catholic. What would your Mom say?


Thank you for sharing!

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