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September 17, 2007


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naughty hack people - they should be smacked very hard.


I don't understand why anyone would want to hack into other people's sites and cause problems. What a low mentality!



Open Grove Claudia

Heather - yes. We can stand in a line and smack them when they walk through. You game?

Chani - Money, my dear. As with a lot of things, it's about money.


I love your blog...and I am so sorry you have a hack..I hope it gets resolved...

Open Grove Claudia

Enigma - I'm closing in.... At least the site's back up...

Mr. Fabulous

I got hacked to a minor degree today. Fuckers.

Open Grove Claudia

Mr. Fab - I'm sorry. They must have sent out some massive attack. It's funny because I always know it's not personal? But it sure feels that way. Fuckers.

lone grey squirrel

Sorry to hear that you were hacked. It must be terrible. Let us know if we can help punish the dirty rat.

Michael C

I am so sorry, why don't people have better things to do! They should be strung up by whatever anatomical parts they possess!!!!!


Sorry you got hacked. Don't worry about the reviews until you have time and aren't so stressed. I'm getting ready to finish another book, so I'll be posting soon.

Open Grove Claudia

Squirrelly - If I find the guy? We'll egg his house. Deal?

Michael C. - Yes. But they probably don't have any....

Christy - You rock! I am excited to get started

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