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September 14, 2007


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HA! An eye doctor with a sense of humor ... who knew?

I'm sorry to hear that you need bifocals. Wait. Can you even read this?


Open Grove Claudia

Bottle Blonde - Not yet, not yet... :)



I don't know how I would respond to that, I think I would be silent and then start crack up laughing.


LOL!! Now that was a funny response!




Open Grove Claudia

Christy - I thought he was hilarious. Especially the whole, "I'm thinking about it" act. Very funny.

Chani - Funny but true. :)

Kevin Charnas

HHAA!! my kind of doctor.

Mr. Fabulous

Best. Doctor. Ever.


That same logic can be applied to not having to pay taxes or stand in line at the DMV too. Which at times seems like a decent option.

Michael C

I thought I was lucky having a doctor named Doctor No, but after that story I'd be willing to trade.

Open Grove Claudia

Kevin - It was my first visit - but won\'t be my last.

Mr. Fab - Absolutely. Any doctor that doesn\'t take themselves so seriously is a hero in my book.

Furiousball - Here, here - well... reasons to not move to Colorado #485 - they shut down all the DMVs and opened an UBER DMV. They did it to highlight the states financial difficulties but you may as well give up a couple days if you have to actually go there. sigh.

Michael C. - Dr. No?? Really??


So, I'll add that to one of things I'll never be able to avoid in life. Good thing he's not an Oncologist, eye doctors can joke about stuff like that.

Open Grove Claudia

Nila - Now that\'s a very good point. Thank God I haven\'t had to schedule one of those appointments.


You could also poke your eyes out with a set of sporks and then instead of greeting people by shaking their hands, you could make your eyeballs on sporks have a dance off.

See, you don't have to die.

Open Grove Claudia

ADW - You always have such helpful suggestions! Thanks!

heart in san francisco

I thought he was going to say, "Stop reading."

Maybe they are the same, though.

la cubana gringa

I'm not sure I could get away with saying that sort of thing to the majority of my patients...but I would LOVE it if my eye doctor said that to me! I've been trying to figure out how to avoid wearing glasses since the 4th grade! I never considered dying as a viable option! (Or non-viable, as it were.)

Open Grove Claudia

Heart in Sf - stopping reading would indeed be death to me.... Good point.

La Cubana Gringa - I'm glad that no one offered it to you as an option! I'd miss you so....

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