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September 27, 2007


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Well! I'm relieved that's clarified! LOL




la cubana gringa

Thank GOD you censored the private doggy bits...otherwise you might have started getting hits from googlers in search of hot doggy porn.

Open Grove Claudia

Chani - Yes well.... We'd hate it if they came from eggs.

La Cubana Gringa - She would only agree to having her picture taken if it was discreet and her privates were covered. She's just not that kind of a girl.


Can you imagine what kind of traffic you will get with this title and information?

Open Grove Claudia

ADW - Dog pervs no doubt!


OMG...that's soooo funny!!!!!! And it looks absolutely obscene! LMAO

(I have a pic with my lil snot dog laying on his back..I call it his PlayDog pose...i should find it and put it on my blog.....OMG...we're starting something here!!!! LMAOOOOOO)

Open Grove Claudia

Odat - It's all you girl. You and your illness created this phenomena.


BAHAHAHAhahaha! Your dog is such a lady. I wish I had the same restraint.


Open Grove Claudia

Bottle Blonde - I don't remember the paparazzi shots of you getting out of the car - did I miss something??


LOL! I am going home to look at my dog's!

Open Grove Claudia

Kelly - He or she will not thank you for it. It took me days to get this picture - she was like - uh, no. ;)


That picture is almost not safe for work. It took me a while to figure out what I was looking at. My son just asked me that same question the other day. We have 5 dogs and I've never noticed their belly buttons. Weird.

Open Grove Claudia

Meems - I should have put the "don't play at work" warning on this bit of dog porn. ;) Rosie has very little fur on her belly and her fur is such a bright color that her belly button is obvious.

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