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September 18, 2007


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I definitely avoid people depending on my mood. But don't ever take me forgetting to visit your blog as that. You like my dog and that makes you inherently awesome.

Open Grove Claudia

FuriousBall - Yogi is awesome! I think that's a very good point. Sometimes we avoid people just because we do.


I definitely avoid certain people. But sometimes I wish I didn't. I wish I had the gumption to tell them what I think of them. Why should they get to go around living their life normally, feeling like all is fine, but I have to walk down a different aisle or feel that poison boiling feeling of seeing someone I loathe. Bah!

heart in san francisco

I have done my share of avoidance, but dislike the feeling of guilt that accompanies it even when I am not the one who did something wrong.

Now I try to man up and face them down in the hope that they will remember What They Did and be embarrassed. It seems that I have a longer memory for injuries than those who did the injuring, however.

Michael C

There are a few people I have avoided in life: the tax guy, my HR department, the Mexican restaurant we don't eat at anymore near the office, that one nurse who couldn't take my blood and moved the needle like a joystick...

Open Grove Claudia

Christy - Yes. I'm with you! Then I live in this yucky place and they are all fine. When I've tried to confront? I end up looking like the ass.

Heart in SF - It's a funny thing. If it was me? I'd want to know. I can be a real jerk and I'd like to clear up a hurt feeling or two. I guess some people are oblivious.

Michael C. - Now that's a good plan. Of course, I have help with that stuff - accountant for the tax guy, I am my own HR department, I will also avoid the Mexican restaurant, and that nurse is history!


I don't like confrontations, so I avoid quite a bit. Recently a co-worker sent me a kind of racy e-mail and I'm dreading the day that I come face to face with him. He apologized for the e-mail but still...akward.


It largely depends on how invested I am in the relationship. There are times I choose to avoid as a method of showing disinterest. Somehow it seems less harsh than telling someone outright that I have no interest in getting to know them.

If someone is a hurtful, mean or destructive person, I avoid them... because they usually bring misery into everyone around them.



Open Grove Claudia

Meemo - Ew. Hasn't he seen your gorgeous hunky husband??? Jeez.

Chani - Wise thoughts. I think it's hard to detach enough from the situation or people to identify what to do in every situation.

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