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June 16, 2006


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So what I want to know is "WHY ALL THE LIES?" Half of the negative sightings of cast members happened when the cast was out of town for 5 days on their outward bound excursion. So all the HATE out there for the Real Worlders might just be unfounded. How 'bout the Real Denver--especially the Denver Post guy and that Penny woman? Are you all a bunch of stuck up, egotistical, self-serving, get yourself some attention by sensationalizing reporters? Seems to me the ones "misbehaving" aren't the kids from Real World but the Denver residents themselves---like your own residents of the same age don't act the same way? Get a life and grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND BY THE WAY---you don't even have most of the names right!


Hi Josh,

You certainly have a point. It's pretty bad to post sightings when they are out of town. I will see if we can get "the Denver Post guy" to respond here.

What's your angle with the Real World Denver?


John Wenzel

Hey, thanks for reading the blog.

While it may look bad for people to post info about "The Real World" while they're out of town (i.e. incorrect info), it's a free and open site and we want to keep it that way. We don't have the time or resources to verify every tip, so rumors and innuendo are OK with us as long as they're not libeling anyone. Plus, not to sound paranoid, but how do I know the people posting (or even this Josh guy) aren't MTV production assistants just messing with my head? I wouldn't put anything past these people.

Obviously we'd prefer to have all the info on the site be 100 percent true and accurate, but since we're having a bit of fun with it and not taking it completely seriously we'll let people speak their minds. When/if I find out that a posting is false I usually delete it.

Anyway, Josh -- would you want to help us make the site more correct? Like tell us what their names are? Or how you knew they were out of town for 5 days on an Outward Bound trip?

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