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April 28, 2013


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Janie Felix

Thanks for sharing Claudia about your mantle windows ... with each little piece you share, we/I are getting to know 'our author'! It's very special that you do this, Thanks again



Oh, congratulations! What a perfect addition to make your home feel more homey.


At least they have found a good home. But odds are 70/30 the house they were taken from is still standing albeit a shell without windows. The leaded glass windows were some of the first prizes stripped from the abandoned underwater houses. Rest assured they are only glass and carry no ghosts of memory with them.

Claudia Hall Christian

It's fun to share something so pretty! Mostly my life is fairly boring - this, however, is pretty neat. Thanks Janie!

Claudia Hall Christian

We still need to get the fireplace in order - but one step at a time. Yes, I think they will be wonderful.

Claudia Hall Christian

Actually... we have one photo with orbs in them. I don't know if they are ghosts that came with the glass or ghosts from the house, but they are pretty wild. I am grateful to be able to preserve a tiny bit of history.


Ahh, the fireplace...in the meantime maybe you can find one of those lovely candle things or some fine birch logs so it can look lived in ;)

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