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February 24, 2013


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We generally make ours a community block type party for the guys to get out and stop and gab between walkways. I do the uninhabited houses for the mail person, simply because she's so short she could get lost in a drift.

Claudia Hall Christian

Boy, that sounds really fun, Mark! What a great way to connect. I love that you do the empty houses for the mail person. They suffer more than anyone on the slick walks.


He's quite a man! i've noticed a LOT of sidewalks uncleared after the 3 weekends of snow we've had and wondered why the city didn't come do it, so the people that NEED to use the sidewalk don't have to walk in the road. I mean...I KNOW it's the responsibility of the person who owns the house that the sidewalk is in front of ... but what if they're elderly or unable to shovel for other reasons, or if the house is abandoned?

Claudia Hall Christian

That's exactly right. So many people need the sidewalks to get around. I makes me sad that people just don't care enough about their neighbors to clear their walks. You've put your finger on the crux of the issue of social change that's tearing things apart here in the US.


Aw, that does have to be one of the coolest kindness acts I've seen or heard about!

Claudia Hall Christian

Yeah, I thought so too.

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