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January 14, 2013


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Well over a two hundred emails a day spread over 6 active accounts. Yep i glance the list, and if it isn't relevant no problemo, Select all--delete. They can sit in thrash folder for 30 days.

Oh yeah your point was politeness...it is hard to be immune from one of the many ills of modern society with it's digital enhancements. You rectified this current situation to the best of your ability. You going to kick yourself in the ass the next time you're unintentionally appearing rude? If so i say just keep the leg swinging because as a public figure that is accessible you're always going to look rude to someone. Hell maybe the Bolivians might have thought your response rude because even though you wished them well in their search your message was short and direct. Maybe culturally Bolivians are brought up to be a wee bit more expressive in your regrets of them having the wrong email.

Must be something in the air sitting over the US right now, a lot of people I come across seem to be in self inspection mode (about damn time for most of 'em too) but I think you, OG, can give yourself a break heh. It's not like you go out looking for little kids to yell at when they walk across your lawn or anything. O.R. D.O. Y.O.U.? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think now because you were so rude to the Bolivians just looking for work i am going to have to re-evaluate my opinion of you! *shudder* Horrid creature that you are hahahahahahahahahahaa c'mon down to tslum city sister and let me show you rude.

Claudia Hall Christian

It's too cold here for anyone to be running across any lawn right now! ;)

And the random introspection of strangers is an interesting thing. For me it's like watching a slot machine. The fruit flies by and my expectation of wisdom increases only to find out that the resultant wisdom is fortune cookie thin. **sigh**

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