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October 01, 2012


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I often wonder about the serialization of fiction (re-serialization actually seeing as how it was how every classical literature piece from about 1850 forward to 1900 or so was first published) my very first encounter though was Steven Kings The Green Mile...loved the story, hated the price and the way it was marketed in it's 8 or was it 6 pieces. A contest to keep us coming back as if the story wasn't going to do it, I don't do contests either. (free Dickens from kindle? Pshaw most of Dickens is free on kindle if you go for a very early edition) So how long is serial fiction? Tolstoy thought 550,000 words was good and Dickens *shrug* 80,000 give or take.

The only real criticism I have with serialization of a story is I want an ending sooner or later. I want an experience concluded so I can look back to it and feel again. I want to be able to come to the moment, where I can see the writers final push to make an ending worth all of the effort that came before it.

Other than that I say sure go where you can find your market, this is the digital, rapid fire age. Napoleon only invaded Russia once which gave Tolstoy his ending. Today we are used to stories (soap operas) that go on for years and decades and they have an audience to be sure.

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