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September 17, 2012


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Patty DeDominic


Yes, in spite of how it must look, we must stand up for peace and be the change the world desperately needs now. It IS important and articulate advocates like yourself need to continue to urge others on. Light the way.... you can do it for many! Thank you.


Yes, it's important to stand up for peace - a kind of peace warrior - and be that change. Thanks for all you do!


We have to make people understand they have been duped by big-credit Hollywood! The real world is there for the taking if you don't get pulled along by the impossible dream. Words not war!


At times one must hate the world to show it love. Can one stand by and see the bus coming and not reach out to pull the stranger who is busy texting instead of paying attention? I will love the persons life but curse their stupidity. By the way the latest projection for the full melt of of the northern ice cap is 2016.


Yes, it's impossible for me - and you - to see the bus coming and do nothing. And yet, so few of us see the bus coming. We have to wonder why that is. I wonder if the dinosaurs knew change was coming and did nothing. Or if the largest extinction - single celled organisms - knew they were the cause of their own doom. I love this world. I'm glad I got a chance to see her in her glory.


I love "words not war" and am so very delighted to look around the world to see how many more alliances there are over war. Simple things like Kazakhstan renting the land back to Russia so they can keep their space center there. It would have been so easy to just take over the station and claim it for their own. This amazing feat is something we don't even talk about. Wow.

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