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April 26, 2011


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People in general have a thousand voices running through their mind, each a drop of water thrown up as the river runs through the rapids. I am not sure exactly how or when but within, I have found a place of absolute silence. There is nothing remembered, nothing looked forward to, simply my self sitting quietly waiting for everything and nothing. I enjoy the silence of simplicity and being. Sitting upon the point of a pin is nothing as long as you are smaller than the point and larger than the pin.


OMG Claudia, I've just realised something. Thank you for this post.

I've been there, growing up with a schizophrenic half-brother.

But my mother...she was the same, she raved and she trashed my room in the middle room of the night.

And then she died, I was a very confused teenager. It took me years to find answers and find myself.

But even after all these years, I can have a sudden realisation and a better understanding.

This is why it's so important to talk about these things, because you never know who you might help and reach out to.

Probably one of the reasons we end up writing :)

All the best


One of the things I love about you, Mark, is your way of owning words as if you bear responsibility for their creation. And I love that you have a space of peaceful silence. Makes me smile! :)


Yes, isn't it weird how normal they seemed? And yet, if your neighbor said any of the words they said, you'd think they were batty. I'm delighted you survived those middle of the night terrors. that's impressive.


Wow. It's such an inspiration to be kinder.

On a limb with Claudia

I think we all need reminders to be kind - at least I do. I'm glad it helped.


Having grown up in a house with a mentally ill person, I understand what you mean. One walks on egg shells and is vulnerable to the whims of the ill person. And, despite knowing that poison is likely to spew forth from their mouths, a young person is apt to internalize even the venom that they know isn't true. And there are days when it is hard not to hear the echo of it in your head.

Thank you for posting this.

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