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June 25, 2009


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I always love to see your bee posts. I do hope they do well.

Did you see that Martha Stewart keeps bees? (Or I guess I should say her staff keeps bees.) She posted a pic of her queen, it had a big yellow spot on it, like it was painted so she could find it or something.


I'm pulling for them :)


hurray for bees!!


i went to an open air farmer's market last night. one of the vendor's were beekeepers. they were selling jars of raw honey, bee pollen and honeycombs. i bought a large jar of raw honey. the whole experience made me think of you and your bees.

i hope the queens thrive. :)

heart in san francisco

Your hives are a microcosm of the world because bees are so much more important than most people know. It can truly be said that as go the bees go we. Of course I wish them well, and hope for bulletins as their new life in Denver progresses.


Oooh that is so creepy and yet cool. I think I would sit there and watch them for hours, like when there is an animal show on late at night or something.

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