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March 25, 2009


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Just Jen

WOW! That's a LOT of work YIKES!!!!!!!!!

(But so worth it!)

Sara Rose

In response to your comment on my TT the real estate business that my husband does is really slow right now considering the economy, he's doing his best at that as well as some other ventures...
All that digging sure looks like a lot of work!!
Have a great day!!!


i'm exhausted just thinking about it....but honestly you go for it Claudia. I'll watch.


as much as this makes sense....I DO NOT want to to do this since husband told me we are PCSing (moving) in a year....kind of makes me want to say...FU to the whole gardening in the backyard!


Wow!! You are busy busy. Good for you. Every year my plan involves a garden and of never works out.

Anthony North

I'm a novice gardener so that was an informative post.

My T-13

Sarah C.

Wonderful post! Thanks for the step by step instructions. I will be sharing this with my husband. We built raised garden beds a few years ago and added soil compost since our soil is clay. We, too, are trying to steer clear of chemicals. Thanks again! :)


Funny how the pictures help but the first photo shuts me down because I can't equate it. We do have raised beds that we mix manure into. The soil is for crap here. (OH, I just realized in the gardening world that would mean good!).

Tamy~3 Sides of Crazy

Oh I wish the ground were thawed and I could do this! Great tutorial.


That is one hard-working TT! Yikes.


Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I am still finishing up the third round, and feeling great. I have had more hunger issues this round, but I think my dosage was off. Not losing as fast, either, since I spent the whole first 3.5 weeks making up for the ground I lost over the holidays!

I love the idea of your garden. We are doing a layered garden this year in raised beds. First time for us in many years, and with lack of time to really work it like we'd like, we are hoping for some good results. We have been putting kitchen scraps and stuff into an old garbage can for our compost bin, and put some of that in with the new soil we bought--filled with natural compost. If we can keep the plants warm enough, I think we'll do pretty well. Here's hoping anyway!


I am completely impressed with your hard work and ingenuity. What a fabulous idea for improving less than perfect ground. I am going to try this next year.


Shoot, I could do this and everything else right, and still kill all the plants. Sigh. :)


It's funny that non-gardeners never understand exactly how much hard work goes into growing your own veggies. I am just glad that my dad does the heavy lifting in our garden. I've never seen this method of digging, but it does sound sensible.

Adelle Laudan

Okay, my back is aching just reading about all of the work. I am sure I will envy the pics of your garden when you post them. Here's hoping you reap the benefits of all your hard work!
Happy T13!


Wow, I should do this to my garden. Thanks for the tip and happy gardening.

Alice Audrey

The only way you could do this system here is if you used a jack hammer. There's more rock than soil.


yay!thanks for this list, i just bought my planting seeds yesterday and your digging tip is perfect!

Rian Fike

Wow. That is impressive.

I am planting a different of seed:


We both are nurturing the future!


Somewhere up in Heaven, my Grandfather is very proud of your efforts. (He could make anything grow, you see.)

I have two raised beds in my tiny apartment-based yard. I'm going to be getting them ready tomorrow (I hope.)


This is fantastic. I'll definitely look back into this technique if I ever live in a place where I can have a small garden again. For now I'm on my way to a condo in Korea.


WOW! I am impressed and wish I was the neighbor who got the vegies you could not eat because there are so many :)

Good for you. You guys must feel so good when you harvest your garden.


LOL at Alice Audrey's comment! Because that would be my problem, too. Our 'soil' is rocks with about 4 inches of top soil filling in the spaces. But I garden anyway! Just not vegetables - we have too much shade on out wooded lot.


Beautiful!!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)


How cool is this? We just started getting into the gardening thing recently so we'll have to give this a shot next too, thanks!

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