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February 26, 2009


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This cleans out the PC's registry way deep inside taking out all registry changes some programs leave behind. I've used it well over a year on three different PC's flawlessly.


I love the Google products, too. They never let me down. Generous and smart stuff.

Must try Skype!


Google calendar keeps me on the straight and narrow!


Thanks for the helpful links. It's good to make life simplier if you can. I can't wait to check some of your links out.


Ok I must now investigate....thanks!

Adelle Laudan

Great list. Thanks for the heads up. Happy T13!

All Rileyed Up

Wow - I've heard of very few of these. I'm totally looking into GTalk. A free program I use is SparkPeople, which is like weight watchers but free.


I've been wanting to join skype. I have family who live far away and think it would be a great way to keep up.


I love free software, too. I also love Adobe products, especially Photoshop. *grin* But I share your dislike of Apple. Those adoring fanboys with their "Apple is so wonderful" crap forever turned me off the whole thing.
I have been wanting to give Skype a try for ages. I really have to get around to it soon, because it sounds quite nifty.


What a great list of free software products! I'm a huge fan of Open Source and free software, too. The one piece of free software that I absolutely could not live without is Note Tab Lite, one of the most muscular text editors I've ever used. They have a pro version, but I've never felt the need for anything more than the freebie one. Best thing about it? One click lets you substitute it for Notepad in Windows so that it becomes your default text editor. Find it at www.fookes.com

The Gal Herself

I have friends who swear by gmail, too. Since it's free, I have no excuse for not checking into it. Most of all, though, I love how PERFECT your graphic is for your topic. Nicely done!


Give Apple a try. I've used both, and have a new iMac, and just have no idea how Microsoft is in business. :)

But I'm a huge fan of photoshop, but who can pay that much. I just discovered Gimp myself, and it's a lifesaver.

What did you have in mind for contests, book swaps, etc.? I'm usually up for considering most any marketing tactic. :)


I have always thought that your blog was essential to my mental health, but this is a downright public service. Thank you so much. I thought I had the sleeper with Avast, but I see you already know about this outstanding program. And the Google products. I actually use Google Earth a lot for directions. I love Google products. They work, and they work well. I even love the stock below $300. You have some great 'finds', thank you so much.


I'm bookmarking this post. I haven't heard of GTalk. I bet my daughter would love anything to do with drawing.


Awesome post! I use Gmail, Google calendar and Avast. Also good is SpyBot Search and Destroy. Oh, and Digsby! Yay for awesome free programs!


Wonderful list. I'm always looking for free software too. I'm going to stop and check these out. Thanks!

Alice Audrey

I love this. Absolutely love it. I need that RIP program!


Happy Gmail user over here!


Great list. I'll definitely check out gtalk and gimpshop when I have the time.

Eaton Bennett

This is a wow of a TT, thank you for sharing and thanks for visiting my TT! :)


I have pondered switching to gmail. But I have had this email address since 1996!

Los Angelista

I'm another one that'll second Sparkpeople as a great and free site. I'm hooked on Pandora and also on Just Hear It, which finds any song you want to hear.


Cool, thanks for sharing. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. It was great to see you:)

Certifiable Dieter

Great list, thanks for all the great links!


Great list! I am going to have to check these out!

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