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February 05, 2009


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Very interesting. I know nothing about publishing or writing a book. Good information up there.


Claudia, what do you think about the Kindle and its ilk?


Just wrote a long response and forgot to fill in my name and it all disappeared. The briefer version:

I sold nearly 1,000 copies of my book The Jim and Dan Stories before I stopped promoting it. I used a printer/publisher nearby who only charged $1,200 for 300 copies, so it was affordable. I did 3 printings and even made a little money. Now I'm nearly out and will have go learn about books on demand because my book is still used in a grief and loss class for counselors every year.

I have always said that artitsts need canvases and writers need books. Why is it so easy to get a canvas and so hard to get a book?

The big publishers are like the newspaper business, responding to the changes and financial trouble by cutting back to the point where their product is suffering which creates more financial trouble.

I love the small press and think of blogging as one.

Yes, the other comment was even longer!


Hmm, lots of things to factor into the dream of publishing. Thanks for sharing.


Oh, don't get me started on publishing. Several agents liked my book, but "we just can't sell it." Clearly, they weren't trying very hard. My own mom is selling my books to her friends, which don't buy books! Grrrr.

You and I should consider some linking love for our works. :) I'm over at Denver Cereal now!


I'm sorry the publishing industry is in such a hole. I don't get it. I prefer a paper book to an e-book and thuoght most people did too. That said, I am VERY proud of Denver Cereal and have huge hopes for The Fey!



Well, that sounds pretty discouraging. Not that I have a manuscript hidden away in a drawer or something, but I think it's sad that so many talented new authors never even get a chance to get published while on the other hand old, tired hacks publish dud after dud just because they already got "a name". Shame, really.

heart in san francisco

What I know can be summarized by a New Yorker cartoon I saw the other day in which a publisher tells an author,"We would like to publish your book, do absolutely nothing to publicize it and watch it disappear from the shelves in a month."

The book business has changed drastically from what we once knew but with its demise has come a wealth of new channels such as you mention. It seems that utilizing them is the only way a new author will be published in the 21st century.

As in all things, we need to adapt in order to survive.


Great post. The entire world of publishing, from newspapers to books, has changed. No one wants to pay a writer a decent wage anymore.

The world has changed and I think a new model is on the horizon. I just wish I knew what it was!


Great inf. I was just wondering abut this last night.
Happy TT!


thanks for the information. i had no idea.


Fifty copies??? Is that all? I'm astonished.


Smells and sounds like an opportunity to me. I don't know what the 21st Century channels are today, but it was mentioned above. Any idea what they are?


Thank you so much for this. I really had no clue how it all worked.
I'm surprised by eBooks being so popular. I go cross-eyed after reading more than an article online. I cannot imagine not holding a book in my hands or hearing that first 'crack' of the binding. While I adore a hardback book's feel, I prefer the paperback for toting around and easily slipping in to my purse.

You're fabulous.


Claudia...have printed out the articles and will read them this weekend. thank you for this.


On a Limb w/ Claudia

Topsurf - Thanks so much! :)

Janet - I don't have the problems Cory has with Kindle. I have friends who own them and find them a life send on long business trips. when you travel a lot it makes a huge difference. Or so they tell me. I think any distribution channel is fabulous.

Colleen - I'm impressed that at your tremendous success with yoru book. Wow. Well done. Thanks for caring and sharing!

Brenda - Indeed! :) Just keep your dream and do the work, you'll get there.

Carmen - I'm going to shoot you an email. The least we can do is swap ads.

Perpstu - Thank you so much for your joy and support! It makes things so much easier! A lot of people like to read online - and good for them. It takes all kinds!

Samuli - Yes, it is a shame. But some of that resides in a writer's need for legitimacy and the belief in the big fix. We are trained that a big publisher will give us legitimacy and a large check. That's absurd when we write to be read.

Heart in SF - Endure and adapt. Yep. And keep our owl eyes open for the opportunity - which I believe resides within each other.

Country Dew - I don't think anyone has ever wanted to pay writers. Period. Have you read Mark Twain on this topic? Joyce? They really struggled. I think the new model is the one we forge in right here. One step at a time, a phoenix will arise.

Thorne - Great minds? ;)

Jehara - I'm glad to share!

Nicholas - Yep. I've seen that in a multitude of places. About 10 people sell most of the books. Everyone else sells 50 if lucky.

The CEO - 21st channels are very similar to what they were in the 18th century - direct contact with consumers. Only the methods have changed - Internet, web conference, international travel, etc.

Miss Riss - I think eBooks are low risk. They tend to be inexpensive, so it they suck, a person isn't out $30. That's my opinion (that it's a risk issue), no one is quite sure why they are popular. Some people say that they can be more extreme,edgier than published books. Who knows?

Dana - I hope the articles are helpful!

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