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February 19, 2009


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When I think adventure, I tend to think of travel. Do these have to be reasonable? I'll try to include some not so far fetched ideas... :)
-go camel riding in the Saharan desert
-drive cross-country by back roads, stopping anywhere you feel
-go hang-gliding
-go parasailing
-swim with the sharks
-go on a safari
-go to see the northern lights somewhere
-ooh, go see the Iditarod
-go to hawaii and take a helicopter ride over the live volcano
-dive the Great Barrier Reef
-work at a big cat rescue in Africa

ok, as you can see, mine tend to be geared toward travel. I can't help it. I think it's ingrained.


Hitchhike 20 miles


The only way I'm jumping off a bridge or out of a plane is if it's my only chance of survival. ;) I watched them bungee on Amazing Race this week, and I'm like no way!

lone grey squirrel

Juggle chainsaws?

Okay, seriously.
- hang-giding
- caving
- volunteer work in a third world country
- work on a farm
- canoe voyage
- feed squirrels!


Hmmm...a goal that is not work related....
Girls only trip to NYC!!!!!

Who me selfish? I am only trying to help you meet your goals. ;)

Seriously though, it is a great list and I hope you accomplish all of those goals and more!


I was just thinking the other day I wished I had learned how to rollerblade when I was younger.
Best wishes in achieving your goals this year!


You've come up with more than I could! We've been doing great on a kind of adventure goal we set ourselves months ago--we hike someplace different every weekend, mostly visiting castles, but not always. I'm very pleased with this, but it was not at all easy to get into the habit. Maybe once it warms up, we'll add biking into the mix.


Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston :-)


I have the perfect thing for your list!! Knit something you have NOT knit before - challenge yourself with Intarsia or stranded color work! Have you steeked yet? How about 2 socks on 1 circular needle knit toe up?


You could take a spinning lesson!!! (And, I don't mean on a bicycle!!)

The possibilities are endless... truly!! There is a world of new adventures at your finger tips and you do not have to jump off something tall with a ginormous rubber band attached to your body....

Adventures in fiber... the very best kind!


How about

-learn to wakeboard. I did that last summer and had a blast.
-learn to indoor rock climb (I sooo want to do this)


Go hangliding.
Try something new every week for one month.
Try a food you have never tried before once a week for one month.
Take a trip to a city you want to visit by yourself.
Take a flying lesson.
Try something you've wanted to do, but never thought you could.


take a GOOD photography class Idid and it changing the way I look at the world and life


Visit a waterfall or a cavern. Stop at the tavern for a beer.

Adelle Laudan

Random act of kindness for an elderly neighbor,

Have fun with your list!

Matthew James Didier

It could be me, but those don't sound at all lame. Quite reasonable... but you neglect making plans for world domination... which, in my opinion, should be on everyone's list. :)


To me, adventure is grocery shopping with 5 kids, but for you, why not climb something really tall (12 story building with no elevator?) or try exotic new foods or walk with a friend through a really rough part of town...I am really a lot worse at this than you are.


What a great list! I bet you'll have tons of fun doing all these things.


Well, you've given me few ideas. How about a train ride through the mountains or a guided tour of haunted houses?


Oh, no you don't.

This is all work.

And CHiC's just trying to get Rupe to be her foil. Rupe sees you comin' a mile away. You can't fool Rupe. Nope.

Rupe will fill the chainsaws with gas and rev'em up for you, however.



Great ideas! How about search for Sasquatch, Nessie, or attempt to break into Area 51! Ok that last one might be uber dangerous ;)


Wow, you're quite adventurous, and you're getting a lot of extra idea's here. Keep us posted!
Thanks for visiting my TT.


That's quite a list!

My big adventure goal has always been to ride in a hot air balloon. That is more than enough excitement for me.

Alice Audrey

For me the ultimate adventure is always to simply take a detour. It can be a tourist trap on the highway from Hole in the Rock in NM to Wall Drug in South Dakota. It can be a different street between work and home. It can be a new restaurant or a movie of the variety I would not normally watch. Anything, so long as it isn't what I would normally do. It isn't a list, it's a lifestyle.


1~ go on a day trip to a nearby town you've never been to

2~ take part in a scavenger hunt

3~ spend the day at the beach!!!!

4~ do a 5K

5~ help out at a homeless shelter

6~ rent a plane/helicopter for the day

7~ go to a zoo/aquarium

8~ go camping

9~ go sky diving

10~ go on a day cruise


How about learn to cook something you've always wanted to, but were not brave enough to try?
No one said the adventures had to be adrenalin pumping, life threatening events, did they?

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