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November 04, 2008


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I will have to end a relationship before I can feel kind again. I do applaud your efforts though!

On a limb with Claudia

The CEO - Sometimes, letting go of a relationship is the kindest thing we can do.


Today I chose to end my last toxic friendship. Next week, I will join you in Simply Kind Tuesdays. I think it'sa beautiful idea.


PQ Nation

Awwwwwww, I love this idea!!

I'll try to remember and participate :)


Wonderful post OG. Too many people have forgotten that the best of us, not only for our own life but in the life of others,is shown in kindness.


Claudia I think we will be a kinder, gentler nation now that Obama is the President! Great idea! Kind Tuesday! :)

On a Limb w/ Claudia

Perpstu - Self-kindness is one of the most powerful things in this universe. I'm glad you are caring for yourself.

PQ Nation - I hope you get a chance to join!

TWMark - Yes, so simple and yet so powerful - kindness.

Mary/The Teach - From your mouth to God's ears.

A Maui Blog

oppssss sorry - wrong link - supposed to be for Thursday 13.


I might need a gentle nudge to remind me that I've signed up for this ...

I think this is wonderful. I'm not always the one who has a kind word towards people ... particularly those with whom I work.

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