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October 23, 2008


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and I think planting our own veggies also save lotsa $$$.


Very profound, some of that, and true. Though I confess the veggie truths leave me unmoved!

Ann Bruce

I think Indecision 2008 has proven #5 over and over again.


#6 is so true, and something I've learned over the years too. Just ask, the worst anyone can say is no. :)

Happy TT and no, thankfully I've never seen Mothman outside of the movie version Yikes!

Adelle Laudan

I've learned that many of my T13 pals are wise beyond words. Happy T13!


#10 resonates with me.


Nice list. Numbers 11 12 really ring true for me. Thanks for the reminders.

Living Dead Girl

I wish I was more green-fingered. I must attempt it, I WILL!

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by a noob....


Happy TT...I've learned that I've always been my own person but even moreso as I age. ;)

Susan Helene Gottfried

I've learned that community is what you make it, and books are power.


I've been learning a lot about #5 recently...mostly with myself.

Great list.

What have I learned...I 've learned how to knit in the past year. I've learned that you never appreciate someone until you're faced with the thought of losing them.

PopArtDiva aka The Brat in the Hat

#10 is the one I'm dealing with today. I was feeling very sorry for myself because I was stupid and used a chair for a ladder - then I read Malcolm's TT about breast cancer survivors and realized that a wrecked leg is nothing compared to dealing with cancer!!!


#10 became so real when Husband was deployed. While he was gone from us...so many more people are experiencing real loss

I am totally planting a garden next year....makes me wonder what i should be doing now....I guess I need to research this!


#6 - you haven't met some of the people I've had dealings with.... I wish I could be so trusting.


Great list...Happy TT:)


I like your list, though I cannot imagine #1 to be true...I have tried gardening and maybe some of us were just meant to purchase food grown by someone else--though I do try to buy organic.
I definitely agree with the fact that we are always being sold something. We are trying to teach our children to be aware of that, and meanwhile remind ourselves!
Great TT!

Anthony North

Some great truisms there. An excellent list.


I've learned that prince or poet; everyone poops.


Yeah! My whole garden functions on the plan of asking others, "What would you do with___?" People know a lot if you ask them. I still have a few raspberries I can harvest, but the rest of my garden's resting until spring. Go Gardens and Gardeners!


"12. Some people are competitive. Some people are alcoholics. Some people are simply better than you. Some people are worse. In the end, all you have to do is love them."

Claudia - this is me in a nutshell. So of course I agree, heartily. I'm definitely looking forward to your new changes. Fall is a great time for that.


Some good pearls of wisdom. It's too early for me to think beyond what I learned yesterday and even that I forget until I get some caffiene. And some real whole food maybe.

PS I actually listed some new things I learned in last week's TT. Maybe some in this week's too.


Oh, boy...big topic...

I've learned that this blogging community is incredibly supportive.

I've learned that there are people creating their own drama anywhere we go.

I've learned (am still learning) that God provides all I need.

Happy T13!


This is a great list Claudia! I may think about his in December......


The Gal Herself

I especially LOVE #11! It's so true. Thanks for articulating it. (And thanks for visiting my TT)


I like 11 12. Where I live, I'm sorry to say, "real, whole" food is not cheaper.

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