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October 02, 2008


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This gave me a belly laugh ... thanks! I had a great-aunt who hid money. She was a young adult during the depression, so she learned (and never unlearned) to scrimp and save.

When she passed away, her kids found $2000 wrapped in tin foil in her freezer and several hundred dollars rolled up in the toes of her shoes. People are funny :)


I love your stories. What fun! I used to clean house for an elderly German woman who would make that one pot of coffee on Sunday. I cleaned on Saturday, so guess how the brew tasted. She was blind, but she'd bake. She made a currant cake once and even baked it after she dropped it on the dog, which she thought was the cookie sheet. Well, she reassembled the cake, baked it, and served it to me a week later with a very stiff, dark cup of coffee. I was too polite too say no, and she was not blind enough to miss my tossing it out. She was a character.


Wow, Claudia. Just...wow.


I'm sure fruit flies are full of protein and other nutrients!


Wow....just just makes me sad. I wll never know what it took to go through all of her stuff.

My mom is a bit of a hoarder, but she keeps it to just one room. There is crap in there that hasn't seen the light of day in twenty years. But it is all organized in see through bins...so she knows what is in there.


I never knew anyone that colorful much less had them in my family. Now I feel privileged to read your blog.


She sounds like a hoot!! Great stories...Happy TT:)

heart in san francisco

Maybe what the neighbor saw on the lawn was Aunt Mary Ellen resisting arrest after one of her booty cop calls.

She sounds like a wonderful character. Flip's grandfather used to play his fiddle dressed in nothing but a shower cap with his pet parakeet perched on the bow, and his aunt also kept money in her freezer. My family was too straight-laced to be that colorful.


I can't top this! I guess they were fooling around in the bushes because there was no place to lie down inside. What a legacy! Did you inherit the plastic bags?


Wow, what a character! If this were fiction, I wouldn't believe it.

My mom's family had their quirks, but they mostly died when I was a kid, so I don't remember any good stories. I should ask my mom. I do remember being horribly fascinated when my mom and I went to my grandma's 4th (5th?) wedding, and the bride wore black velvet hot pants. It was the 70s, but still.


My family's quirks are far to much for a comment! Your aunt sounds like quite a character. I'm glad you are done with the cleaning!



May Aunt Mary rest in peace...she sounded like she definitely lived life to the fullest on her terms.
Hmmm...kooky relatives...ALL OF US...each of us has stories about everybody else in the family...lol.


Thank you for sharing these stories of Aunt Mary with us. This has been a fun, and interesting read :) Happy TT!


Wow! Aunt Mary Ellen was a kook :o) Sorry, I have absolutely nothing to top this...not even to tie this :o)
I guess my family was pretty boring or kept secrets very well...


she sounds truly amazing and such a strong soul!!! Thank you for sharing!


This post and the last are truly great ways to honor your aunt.

I love the shiny wallpaper in the kitchen!


"Rolling around in the bushes" was my favorite.

I had a great uncle that would yell out "Meat!" or "Taters!" or "Bread," instead of asking the polite and proper way. Us kids could hardly contain our laughter till we got away from Grandma's table.


My great grandmother had a whole room filled with cards she had received... about 90 year's worth of them. Happy TT.


Sounds like an interesting character! Great TT!

Alice Audrey

Yikes! None of my relatives are quite THAT crazy. Close, but not quite.

Anthony North

Well, I don't think i could beat that. Marvellous post.


You really know your Aunt. I love the one pot of coffee thing. Happy TT!

Nicole Austin

Oh man, Aunt Mary was a trip. My grandmother went a little loopy after grandpa died. She started hiding things in odd places. The checkbook was in a covered saucepan on the back burner of the stove. Cash was folded up in towels in the linen closet. She hid her medication under the couch. LOL!


I love reading about other hoarders. They always make me laugh and laugh and laugh. My bipolar husband is a bit of a hoarder (yes, as in 'a bit pregnant'.) I try to contain it somewhat but if we both perished tomorrow the people who came to throw out our treasures would definitely shake their heads and tell similar stories. Your crazy Aunt Mary Ellen's 10 feet of plastic grocery bags is my absolute favorite! We currently have a tendency to make pizza box towers, laundry mountains, eventually-heading-to-the-green-bin boxboard towers, and let's not forget about our enormous collection of pop cans and bottles in blue bags waiting to go to the recycling place. Two weekends ago we took two car loads of 600 cans/bottles and snagged $30.00 for it. Sweet.

Los Angelista

Wow, thanks for showing those details. Was she like this her whole life or did it just start after a certain point?

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